Blacks decry police shootings. One incident appears like a innocent black man was shot by police. But how many violent blacks in general have police encounters? A LOT!

The homicide report from “The Violence Policy Center.” … The national black homiciderate in 2014 was 16.38 per 100,000, and the overall national homicide rate was 4.19 per 100,000

Another study found that 100% of all homocide suspects in St. Louis were BLACK

It’s just because of poverty and racism you see. Not low IQ and HIGH VIOLENCE genes that stay with black populations as they move between nations.

With so many violent blacks, it’s just a matter of time before one police encounter is questionable. What can be done? Nothing. It’s a GENETIC problem. All the trillions of dollars spent (6-10 TRILLION by some estimates) to lift blacks out of poverty, give them free welfare to raise more children for free, free college, and free jobs they don’t qualify for, it’s all for naught. Because the vast majority of blacks still have BLACK GENES which produce low IQ violent raping homociding HORROR PEOPLE.

And it happens in EVERY CITY and EVERY NATION where they have a population of them amass.

There will always be a case where it seems the police were in the wrong when you are having dozens upon dozens of violent encounters with police.  But blacks will take the to the streets and smash businesses… because BrownSkin