Yellen is confused. the Interest rates on food, commodities, energy is up 200% in the past four years, yet the US inflation rate is only 1.5%.  How is this possible?

Apparently the LIE INFLATION RATE told to the SLAVES while their salaries are stagnant tries to tell a story that “Everything is ok. It’s ok you aren’t earning more than 20 years ago” while the truth is bat shit horrific.

The truth is the power of the dollar decreases FIFTY PERCENT every ten years. So if you made 100,000 a year in 2000, then in 2010 you’d need to earn 150,000 and in 2018 you’d need about 220,000 a year to keep up.

Why? Because the non productive negroid and mehicano invasions suck on the welfare and prison systems to such an EXTREME level that they are sending our nation into the poor house by OVER ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR IN COST. WE cannot ever balance our books or our economy. It’s already TOO LATE!

The solution? REMOVE these peoples from our society AND / OR cut OFF their welfare handouts.

We will soon be a fully negroid society and the world will basically end. There is less than 10 years to reverse this horror and if NOT if continued namby pamby action continues if they continue to refuse to confront reality, then in 20 years our nation will be utterly destroid by negroid genes in blacks, middle easterners, and hispanic peoples.