Siding with radical islamic muslims, Blacks and Hispanics marched with a few hundred white CUCKS in a march against “Hate” – Hate being the wish for the working Europanic Americans to not wish to be bred out of existence and taxed into poverty to pay for handouts for…. the black and hispanics and cucks.

It is a race war.  With the evil side claiming to be against HATE.  Were they the majority they would be commiting white genocide just like South Africa and Zimbabwe so much is their hate.

They are incompetents incapable of economic analysis or realizing they have bankrupted this country. And even TRUMP is too much a wuss to cut back the handouts which we couldn’t afford 20 yrs ago not its just sick.

A TRILLION dollars a year we do not have goes to support these white-genocidists.  And the ones they decry as “Hate” are nothing more than those anti-genocide. To be against the obvious trajectory of genocide and poverty of your race is “Hate”. FUCK THEM.