Thilo Sarrazin Germany Oblivion Immigration
“The German Death Wish”

Merkel won her election. Woe to Germany. Such great sadness to see a once great nation utterly destroyed. Merkel must hate germany with all her soul and yet, re-elected. Which shows that this problem is very deep in the german people self-suiciding themselves.

Lemmings running over a cliff, with 4 more years of Muslim invasion, it is doubtful Germany will survive or ever be the same again.

It really is exasperating. Trump also appears to have given up.  WEll if it’s going to devolve into a shooting match, at least in America white genocide will be a bit more difficult. They intent to tax us to death and out breed us with non-whites. Then the democrats will be in power forever until the whole thing collapses from debt. It’s a sad day for the world. a sadder day for Germany.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE GERMAN PEOPLE ARE THEY INSANE?

In his book – the Death Wish of German, Sarrazin writes:

He sees a Germany that is no longer German. Rampant welfare spending and the failure to control Third-World immigration have effectively turned Germany into a Muslim state. Germany’s famous churches, including Cologne cathedral, have been converted into mosques. There are demands for a new German flag, one with a crescent and star.