If you look at modern Germans they seem increadibly CUCKED and weak. Why? Well after losing SO MANY of their warriors in WWII and after the war the US STARVED millions of German men to death intentionally in one of the great horrors.

Now modern Germans seem so weak. A much smaller percentage (AFG) are able to stand up. AFG got 13% of the vote while Merkel’s party got over 30%.  Is this a consequence of the damage to the gene pool?

Whites and especially nordics were forged in the crucible of the ICE AGE. They got stomped, at one point less than 20,000 individuals were left.  This forced back the race to only the strongest and heartiest. And also those who were able to cooperate, plan for the future. The blacks in Africa never faced this, instead they had constant tribal waring and skirmishes favoring a violent streak. But for the most part Africa was a land of plenty and hunter gatherer society flourished. There was not a huge need for creativity when you just pulled fruit off a tree.

Black genetics got hammered in slavery. The stronger willed were bred out. Docile simpler minded workers was selected for. Is this now why many blacks seek the welfare route?

Black genetics are of course, LIKE ALL RACES, a mixed bag of good and bad.  Great Jazz players, Poets, Political thinkers like Sowell disprove that all blacks are dumb or idiots.  Skills in sports of course abound but much of that is the cuckoos egg and earlier development. A harsher warlike environment pushes earlier development which produces a less advanced final brain result compared to europanics.

So are white’s priviledged? Well yess, priviledged by A STRONG WORK ETHIC, Community-ism, Empathy, Ability to build strong advanced societies, Inventiveness, and Raw High Intelligence.  Ashkenazi Jews, debateably white, push IQ scores higher after being bred to do math and banking which was forbidden (usury) by the church.  Do europanics discuss and blather on about Ashkenazi privilege? Of course not.

The privilege part comes from a butt hurt why am I not succeeding nonsense from black people. Often it comes from MIXED RACE half or quarter black people who are trying extra hard to social justice warrior scream for their “blackness” but it’s all a bunch of crap. Because time and again, Blacks who make any effort at all get affirmative action, free college, sports scholarships, business set asides, and get very successful. But with a general lower IQ and HALF of their race working at retardation level IQ or lower, they can’t seem to figure out the reasons europanics are doing so much better.  They lack the hard work ethic, the drive, and education? well that’s white man voodoo.

So White privilege is a misunderstanding of GENETICS and the different skills of each race. Asians seem to lack the inventiveness of Europanics, but are great at mass producing and profiting once the inventions have been made. They are also DOCILE with lower testosterone which makes them suceptible to COMMUNISM.  Just a guess.  Blacks have HIGH testosterone and will have a harder time sitting  still in school or following rigid society rules. I think of the Jamaican weed centric societies which work because the drug helps them mellow the F out. One wonders if with growing legalization in America might be a boon to blacks to help them with their high violence high agression which is a consequence of their high testosterone levels. Similarly Europanics need a beer or two after work to unwind from the stress of being in such a highly controlled artificial environment for so long.

If you have lesser mental faculties how can you ever see or understand the brain difference of those who have so much more? In Latin America, Europanics are seen as the thinkers and inventors its just OBVIOUS to them.  Worse they often form a parasitic ruling class over the mextizo-amerinds.

So saying “White Privilege” is saying, I have brain deficiencies which has things happening in the world I cannot fathom, so I blame white people and I see consipiracies to keep me down, when the reality is time and time again Europanics are lifting up Blacks and helping them to the point of their own empoverishment.

Taking a Knee at the national anthem is another misplaced diagnosis.  Blacks are getting abused by police. But wait a second how much MORE do blacks encounter police and how much more often are blacks committing crimes, becoming violent, and police are forced to respond. Not all police are angels, there are bad apples. But because they have such a higher exposure rate to police, blacks will find the handfull of cases which at least seem unjust (most seem to fall apart under scrutiny).

Now, here is the important part. By realizing these deficiencies just like we take advantages of the pro-ficiencies of the black and hispanic race, we can try as a society to find the right place, jobs, society formation, which really does lower all these social problems. As long as their is this voodoo “RACISM” holding the brothuh down, well, he will then be held down by his own myths.  This is why we have to do away with this nonsence and call it out.  By dispelling the knowing of “white priv” altogether will will finally be able to actually HELP AND impROve the lives of the non-Europanic peoples.

There is also great cost and weight – the white mans burden – that is put on Europanic Americans. Our higher taxes force us to work longer and harder and we succomb to stress deaths – heart attacks, suicides, unfair family court rulings.  The Europanic man is getting screwed. That is why the system has to change.  The handout society has to get scaled back. Get out what you put in. Educational systems need reforms so that we place people into schools of their ability and focus and END THIS NONSENSE everyone gets prepped for college. NONSENSE.  That alone would be a big boon for blacks. And lower IQ whites as well.  Pipe fitting, welding, construction, repair, hvac, there are so many high paying jobs which work for the non-intellectual. And we need those.  Do the Amerinds do better doing the farming? Lets make sure they have good wages and get help managing their finances so they can have good lives.

Now Europanics have good reason to be utterly frustrated with blacks. Ghettos, welfare queens, murders, gang banging, rapes. 20 to 1 black on white crime rates, 35,000 white women raped by blacks each year, this must be resolved OR the races should separate.  If there IS white racism (and there isn’t. It’s more recognizing the OBVIOUS which is right in front of our faces. Racism is to have beliefs NOT SUPPORTED by the facts. What is the word for beliefs which ARE supported by facts? We call that race realism).

Which brings us to the reality. Blacks are ungrateful, and violent, and many are total horrorshows.  But many others are doing great things. Maybe if we can throw away this notion of white priv and white racism as the CAUSE of the black’s failures, and instead understand they are at a genetic DISADVANTAGE on many levels for success and if we address that a far greater number will have much better lives and moreover THAT is the ONLY PATH to improving the life of blacks in America. Blacks want to demand full equality with the white race. They have a long long long way to go before they earn that, before they are more than just parasites and users of the fruits of society and actually contribute.

Let’s take the story of the Irish and Italians at the turn of the century. There were actual LAWS passed by race against them. Without any welfare, those peoples raised themselves up, did NOT commit crime, worked double hard, and pulled themselves up by the bootstraps. Today, to be against Italians or Irish seems crazy.  Oh they are just white. No, it wasn’t always so. Only the WASPS were white. Even the catholics were discriminated against. Kennedy as president was a big concern because they wondered if he would answer to the Pope if the Pope requested nuclear action.  And don’t forget the story of the Japanese in America – who were INterred in WWII. Put in cages and camps. Their response? Butt hurt? Did they give long speeches hating america? NO! Many fought in the war and joined the ARMY! They were patriots who loved the country even with what was being done to their people.  What was the outcome? America realized it had done a terrible thing and said never again, and the Japanese become economic successes in America.

And there are tons of economic successes for Blacks in America. Many many are taking advantage of all the pro-black policies in America. It’s just dumb to be critical. Let’s take a path of HONEST OBSERVATION and NO FEAR to discuss race.  When people say “Das White Privilege and you can’t understand it because you are white” the response should be laughter like a child has said something really stupid.