Think Apple hires American engineers first? Think again. Recent investigations showed that they often use an abusive H-1B visa system to get cheaper workers from India. These dumbest and crappiest not best annd brightest engineers are still worth it to MBAs who proclaim “savings” and walk away with big bonuses. But the reality is they are all part of a screw Americans scam.

Apple and other firms were fined and banned from the controversial H-1B visa program for underpaying what are already cheap foreign tech workers.

Scopus Consulting Group and Orian Engineers, both owned by Indian-American Kishore Kumar, imported software engineers from India and other countries to work under the notorious H-1B visa program to work at Apple, Cisco, eBay and other top Silicon Valley tech firms.

H-1B “temporary contract alien workers” with a bachelor degree in software engineering cost Silicon Valley employers $65,000 a year less than the average $110,000 in salary and $15,000 in benefits they must provide to hire an American, according to Pay Scale HR consults.

Apple’s “Labor Condition Application” filings lists the average equivalent pay for an American software engineer of $133,000 to do the same job. That suggests Apple is bringing in foreign temporary workers with Masters and PhD degrees. By avoiding $20,000 in additional benefits, Apple appears to be achieving a net savings of about $85,000 per employee by not hiring Americans in those jobs.

As a result of this type of compelling economic arbitrage, many established Silicon Valley tech companies are already prime beneficiaries of the 789,000 H1-Bs outstanding, and enthusiastic sponsors for the 140,000 additional H-1B “green cards” that will be issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for 2016.

President Obama instructed the Department of Homeland Security to offer “green cards” to H1-B holder spouses and children under 21 years old. Although the Obama administration estimated that only 180,000 spouses “can gain work authorization,” Breitbart demonstrated that over 1 million “family members” are now also eligible for “green cards.”

Every year 350,000 H-1B technology visas are isseud yet there are no new technology jobs. This means its all kicking Americans to the curb. Where is Trump on this? Rumor has it he will announce some reform soon. A whole generation of American tech workers has been humiliated. Will anyone ever want to be in this industry ever again?