“It’s Simpler” said Trump. Well, simpler is a good thing. But will anyone save money?

“It will fit on one page” said Trump. Well it’s nice to know they’ve gotten so efficient at financial rape. But will it save us any money?

Now reports are coming out which say NO its a screw job for the middle class.

And do NOT think that any of this brings back jobs and dollars from overseas, it DOES NOT.  Overseas the money is TAX FREE.  Compete with that Biatches.

ONLY TARIFFS (our 10% security fee for a start – see The Trump Plan category) will stop the flood of jobs offshore. Now 10% is not nearly enough. On top of that, another 10% for those who cheat our laws like China and have human slaves. That will start to make a dent in profits. But the profits are so extreme.  That pair of jeans sells wholesale from china for $5.  20% tariff would bring it up to $6.  That’s not going to change things. But it will at least balance the budget.

It would take a 50% tariff to stop making slave labor so great. And that has to be NOT ON THE WHOLESALE COST but on the RETAIL PRICE TARGET.  Good luck getting that through congress.

So I have a tax proposal for Trump. How about 10% tax rate. No deductions. And 20% tax rate for business with a MINIMUM TAX (that is the key) of 5% of gross sales for companies with sales over 50M.

Well, simple is better. I’m all for simple. Rape me with a postcard if you wish.