Why is Islam such a good fit for the black people of the world. Is it the Low IQ religion? Is it simpler than christianity? All around the world where there are dark gene-ed people, Islam is the right fit. It’s simple message of total obedience and anti-woman works well for them. It doesn’t hurt that it’s message of violence and war on infidels is the most brutal of any religion.

One might think the descendants of people brutalized by Arabs would denounce Islam. Yet Muslims in Africa have a cult-like devotion to their religion; whether from genuine belief or fear of retaliation I do not know. The global Islamic agenda is alive in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. The aim is to spread Islam across the world by populating all corners of the globe or forcing non-Muslims to convert.

About 70 million people in Nigeria are Muslims, mostly in the northern half. Many are descendants of people who were forced to convert to Islam either by Arabs or by Nigerian Muslims. Since Nigeria’s independence in 1960, northern Muslims have persecuted Christians and Muslims from southern Nigeria (southern Muslims are regarded as ‘kaffirs’ [unbelievers] because they are relatively tolerant and non-violent).

It is common for Christian girls as young as 11 or 12 to be kidnapped and kept in the harem of a rich Muslim. They are forced to submit sexually and religiously and to give birth to as many Muslims as possible. These girls are typically from poor backgrounds. They are occasionally freed when global media report their parents’ desperate pleas for their release. In general, Muslim men are encouraged to date, marry, or at least impregnate Christian women.

Muslims often riot and lynch non-Muslims. In Nigeria, the following events have provoked rioting: Danish cartoonists drew Muhammed, the Miss World pageant was scheduled to be held in Nigeria, a woman in miniskirt walked past a mosque, a man asked Muslims to stop praying in front of his shop, Christians voted not to implement Sharia law.

Non-Muslims may be slaughtered in their villages at night when lack of electricity provides a cover for mayhem. The killers are often from the nomadic Fulani tribe of mixed African-Arab descent. They are infamously ruthless and hack women, children, and old people to death. They also plunder barns and silos and burn peasant farms. Their modus operandi is similar to that of the Janjaweed of Sudan, the group engaged by the Afro-Arab Sudanese government to terrorize the blacks of southern Sudan. It seems that the Fulani have been similarly engaged to capture farms and villages for Islam, reduce the non-Muslim population, and instill fear in survivors. The Christians who are attacked mourn, pray to God to intervene, and get on with their lives. Only rarely do they fight back.

The Islamic agenda is succeeding in Nigeria, as in other parts of the world, because of non-Muslim passivity. In 2010, when I advised a local pastor to consider self-defense because so many churches were being bombed, he said that would be against Christian ideals. The West is the final bulwark against Islamic domination; Muslims see it as a stronger, tougher foe than Afria. They know they can’t win in a conventional fight so they use migration, population displacement, white guilt, and incessant cries of Islamophobia to distract attention from their atrocities. The West must wake up before it is too late.