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The Plan:

Stephen Paddock arrives with his ISIS  handler and accomplice. His girlfriend – muslim handler  honeypot – has been sent to the phillipines and 100k wired to her.

The two rooms are staged. Paddock plans to escape. He wears gloves so he wont be identified.

A spotter on the ground at the concert calls back when the people are most crowded.  Then get out a few minutes before the shooting starts.

One room will be used to receive food and room service (the corner room) and the other room will be used to hold the guns and prepare for the staging.

The window is to be broken out with the improvised hammer. Paddock will fire from his room, then set the bed and drapes on fire, go through the room connecting doors, and then leave with his accomplice as two regular guests fleeing the fire.

The room door is adjacent to the staircase doors so its possible that the door will shield them from the hallway security cameras as they make their escape quickly down the staircase.  But even in staircases there are security cameras in Vegas hotels so they need to appear as regular guests.

Paddock will fly his plane with money across the border to Mexico and from there board a ship to the phillipines.

The Reality:

The accomplice and Paddock stage their weapons and cameras over several days. They order “room service for 2” always delivering them to the room without the guns.

The spotter is dragged off by security. She is a muslim woman. No call from the spotter arrives and Paddock and accomplice panic.

The accomplice deviates from the plan and breaks out the window to the corner room and starts shooting from there as well. This makes both rooms targets for swat.

The accomplice and Paddock shoot all their rounds

The accomplice goes into Paddocks room and shoots him in the head, then places revolver in his arm as if to show a suicide event.  Paddocks plan to slip away unnoticed is now over.

SWAT storms the room and finds Paddock face down and dead. There is ZERO evidence that Paddock fired a single round.


The accomplice slips back to the connecting room, locks the door, and then after a quick wash up to remove powder residue slips out the room as a guest while swat is still on the way.

All of this is made clear by hotel video cameras.  Who is the accomplice? No pictures are released.

72 minutes later swat arrives and knocks down the door of the now long dead Paddock. They claim there was a gunfight to make themselves look like heros but it isn’t true.

ALTERNATE THEORY: Paddock may have been a prepper who was known to have lots of guns and ammo. He may have been kidnapped. BUT he was seen gambling and in the main casino so that is not likely.

The TOO MANY GUNS PROBLEM: Why did Paddock have 20+ guns in the room? What was the need? If you fire a full clip through a gun like a AR-10 or AR-15, you can quickly put in a new clip and repeat that 4 or 5 times before the gun might get too hot. So if you had intent to run through a hundred clips of ammo, you could easily manage that with just 4 guns, alternating through them. Maybe 5. But 20? If they were really concerned with heat they would have filled up that jacuzzi with water and dunked the barrel in it to cool it down rapidly. Typically you only have heat issues if you are running a band fed machine gun and shooting 1000 rounds.  So there’s just too many guns for an intelligent gun person to bring. Two Pistols, Four long rifles, it’s enough.


This is just a best guess. But it does make you think.