“Failure to provide the greatest amount of federal aid and the emergency liquidity program will be potentially ruinous,” chairman Jose Carrion wrote. “We must do all that we can to help Puerto Rico avert a tragedy of historic proportions.”

The panel also asked that the federal government waive cost-sharing limits, disaster spending caps and grants for long-term relief. Then, for his final Hank Paulson rendition, Maldonado said that If Congress doesn’t act, “it will be a disaster.”

The trouble is, Puerto Rico has dysgenic people of mixed blood “hispanic” descent. And this means their frontal lobes did not develop with capacity for moral thinking. And this means much of any aid will be stolen and long term the thieves will keep looting the government.

Instead a different program for Puerto Rico is in order.  We need to make them subject to federal income tax. All pensions should be cut in half. And all people on welfare should be given three month notices that they need to find work or get cut off.  Puerto Rico has been ONE BIG SUCK on the governments TATA for too long.

It’s time for tough love for our dysgenic half breed brethren. No Geraldo, your rich people are not that great at running things.  The governance of the island needs to be taken away from them and put in the hands of a permanent governing committee of EUROPANIC americans like DETROIT (another dysgenic population that looted government coffers endlessly until they went broke.

All the sweet handouts to let people sit and grow fat need to get cut. By 50% immediately. Completely longer term with limits on how long you can stay on the programs. B

And the huge retirement pensions they collect from age 50 have to go away also. Let’s raise their retirement age to 70 like the rest of America. That should help their solvency.

And what about their big power company which looted all the funds rather than building infrastructure, and then went broke because people don’t pay their power bills. That also needs to be put under Europanic control. We know from looking at the infrastructure that colonial nations in Africa received, it all goes to shit without the white man.  White man JUJU is what makes it happen, something they cannot understand.

We need to change the building codes so that they can withstand hurricanes better, it will never be perfect. Move to dome concrete houses, concrete-steel extra tough built high rises. And most importantly, de-centr.alized power and water systems. Our Navy has mini-nuclear stations that run for 20 years the size of a shipping container. Let’s drop ten of those on the island.  Some are even totally sealed in concrete.

Finally, let the Europanics move in and take parts of the island over with the new rebuild. Let the Europanic high wealth entrepreneur cities get built. Americans are looking for a tax free haven for themselves and their companies. Puerto Rico should be that, a place for opportunity, for Puerto Ricanos (who don’t take advantage of it generally because of their lower IQ and dysgenic mindset, but they could possibly be TAUGHT to be more industrious).

Welfare has ruined Puerto Rico and made them fat and lazy. It’s time to give them a kick in the caboose.

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