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SACRAMENTO — California flexed its political muscle Thursday, beefing up protections for undocumented immigrants under a controversial law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown that pushes back against President Trump’s policies.

Brown signed the bill to create a statewide sanctuary policy on the same day Trump set as the final day for immigrants aided by the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, to request a two-year extension before the program is phased out. Brown also signed 10 other immigration-related bills that limit the growth of detention centers, expand education services for immigrants, and extend tenant and workplace protections for illegal alien invaders.

Brown said the new laws will ensure “hardworking invaders who contribute to our state are respected.”

At a cost of more than 500 Billion dollars, the new law will be funded by … err nothing apparently, California will just wait to go bankrupt again and then get billions in bailout money like they did under obama.

“It’s finally freedom it’s finally justice for our illegal alien brothers” said a San Francisco gay man.

“This is our country, for our Race EVERYTHING for other races NOTHING” screamed a Latino in Spanglish, quoting the La Raza phrase.

Hundreds of Europanic Americans clapped and cheered their own genocide.  “Yes, we will be out bred by these new brown people, but isn’t the removal of the white race a good thing?”