So Europanic population in America was 90% in 1960. There was a surplus going into the social security system and deficits were slow growing mainly caused by war spending.

We were able to support the 75% of negroid race that was dysgenic and the 20% of the white race that was dysgenic. About 20% of the whole population. The working 80% were more than enough to produce enough excess to provide for all of them who were non-productive net users of resource.

But fast forward to today. We have spent the social security excess and soon will have a cost of 200-400 billion a year to cover that. The hoardes of immigrants going on disability have bankrupted the disability fund and now are being paid out of the general social security fund. Bankrupting it.

We suffer a unbelievable dysgenic load. The Europanic load remains at 20%, but now with 45% dysgenic races in America – blacks amerind and hispanic, produce another 30% dysgenic population. So the total dysgenic load is now 50%. One productive person can only support at most one non-productive and at that level the support will be very low. Our current level of dysgenic horror is now running at 6.5 trillion in 2017 represents an exhausting tax rate. This leads to Europanics forsaking family formation and marriage and their reproductive rate is at an all time low far beyond replacement. This is due not so much to external factors, it is mostly the huge strain produced by heavy taxation and the unaffordibility of the middle class life. We now have over a TRILLION dollars a year in debt. But to be honest, let’s add the 500 billion that Europanics are paying into the social security system which get spent instantly. This is very telling. Even at 65% Europanic race the system cannot support the dysgenic races huge handout system.

If we look at the homocide rates in major cities (murder is the only statistic that all agencies are required to report) there is a clear correlation between dysgenic population and homocide rate. For example Baltimore, a modest sized city of 650,000, and which has several major universities such as Johns Hopkins, has a 28% Europanic vs. 67% Dysgenic race profile. It’s homocide rate is off the charts at 44/100,000 per year, or 275 homocide deaths so far this year. Chicago, a very strong industrial American city, the third largest, has a 31.7 Europanic population and 60% dysgenic race. It’s homocide rate is a whopping 29 per 100,000 (source Wikipedia)  or 507 deaths three quarters into the 2017 year.

Atlanta, a very cosmopolitan city with large companies such as Coca Cola calling it home, has the huge homocide rate of 13 per 100,000. 111 murders in 2016. It has a Europanic population of 38% (2010 census) and a dysgenic racial population of 60%.

It’s shocking to see that such major cities in America are majority non white.  Austin Texas is one of the cities that has the lowest homicide rates in America, for a million person sized city.  It has a 43% dysgenic population but of that only 8% is black. The city is 50% non-hispanic white.  It’s more strict social policies means that much of the Hispanic population are productive workers.  It’s murder rate per 100,000 is only 2.5.

Even if the load were decreased by half, we would never approach affordability. Now project the USA reaching 50% Europanic we can project a doubling of our deficit each year throwing our debt into the hyperbolic and most likely the utter fiscal collapse of the nation.

So we only have two paths. Either the US adopts a government policy which redirects our dysgenic race proportionality BACK to near the 1960s level (say 15% dysgenic, not 50%) or our nation will utterly collapse. Well you can’t just exterminate everyone but that is what Liberals think is the only option when you start discussing dysgenics. There are actually several paths forward. Immigration controls both in blocking welfare to immigrants, not counting foreign births as citizens, a racial immigration quota system which hugely favors Europanics, promoting the breeding of the best of the dysgenic races not the worst (aka welfare queens with 8 children), promoting the breeding and offspring of our best Europanic citizens, and government dynamic response to ensure we are indeed reversing our dysgenic racial profile and making success every year and taking further measures.

The system which allows and rewards with free money and housing those who never strive to achieve fiscally or intellectually and simply impregnate themselves in high school so that by the time they are 16 they have three babies and require total support for the government while having paid in nothing has to be utterly overhauled. How much help you get back if you have a time of need should be based entirely on how much you put into the system. So if you never ever have worked, which is the scam many of these black teens aspire to, and think simply by having children out of wedlock you will be granted a free life equal to a hard working 60k a year professional, well that has to end and end now. If you have never paid in, you should receive only a meager pittance enough for minimal food. And no free housing period. The section 8 horror which allows our poor to live in identical housing as our hard working classes is ridiculous. Perhaps we can build some concrete bunkers with 100sq foot living spaces for the poor.

“Youre so mean and unfeeling” say the liberals. The liberals have defective brains incapable of teleological thinking and fiscal analysis. For them the whole world is free (probably they were raised that way!) and you can show them chart after chart which prove the cost of the dysgenic races and they will still go on talk shows and argue that immigrants are a net benefit. They will mention Sergey Brin who arrived at age 6 was Russin (white) and highly intelligent. This is NOT the profile of the dumb african and middle eastern horrors who flood our shores and have wreaked a devestation of violence and rape in Europe and are overwhelmingly still on government assistance. These are not the high IQ hard working immigrants from Italy France and Germany who came to America in the beginning of the 20th century.

To re-establish high IQ base citizens at a 75% of population will require additional measures most likely including breeding programs. Women of good intelligence and character should be able to choose to enter a breeding program where they produce and raise 10 children each in exchange for a guaranteed high level of government support for their entire lives. Men would be chosen from the elite universities and based on their program of study and achievement, as well as older males who have exceptional achievement. It might take 2 or even 5 million women to enter these programs, it would be vast. But we would simply redirect the monies from welfare handouts to dysgenic races, to supporting increasing the children of the pro-genic races. Older women who need retirement assistance can volunteer to be nannies and helpers as each larger family is raised, and the original fathers would be required to spend time teaching their children. It’s not quite marriage, but it’s better than single motherhood. As women insist on outrageous divorce settlements and the courts give it to them, we may have no choice but to consider such seeming odd for us measures. If you think about it, welfare queens with 8 children (or 20! see “somebody’s gotta pay for all my children” article) we are doing it today but in the reverse direction.

The next question is who qualifies? Do Jews? Do half blacks? Do mixed race people who are 50% white 50% asian qualify? This is a tough question. The simpler answer of only allowing traditional Europanic races is a likely start.

The other question, as we slowly return to a highly productive intelligent nation, will we restrict some states to white only. The beautiful west coast states of California, Oregon, and Washington have been utterly destroyed by the dysgenics. It’s time to return them. Watch movies of San Francisco shot in the 1950s and you will be amazed. It seems like an idyllic society beyond belief.

What about the Chinese and Indian restaurants? What about all that multi-culturual gravy? Well, in Portland, the best Thai resturant is run by a Europanic chef. Over in Europe Swedish chefs prepare American cuisine. We don’t have to return to the banal culturally limited food or films or crafts. All of it will still be available. In fact only some of the dysgenic races seem to be any good at all at starting businesses. In all Europanic states we can produce just as much creativity.

If we are wrong about the dysgenic races then we ask, where is the example of a state run by them in the world that is a success? South Africa, Zimbabwe all fell to hell after Europanics departed. We don’t want to bring that hell to America. The Genetic potential of every race is not the same, something the Left Liberals are incapable of realizing with their non-science brains.

All of the wasted money on closing “gaps” in achievement due to some false sense of egalitarianism are all utterly based on false pretenses. We never try to do the same with the NFL and NBA lineups. All of this misdirected energy and money could be redirected to finally helping our high – IQ youngsters who are often ignored.

The dysgenic challenge seems frightening, Hitlerian, impossible. But if we do not solve it, we will utterly be destroyed. So what choice do we have but to consider this as the way modern societies MUST EXIST. There may be separation there may need to be advanced fertility control devices implanted at age ten. And certainly it’s hard to trust the state to run anything correctly. We need to change course in the very near future. So we need to start the difficult discussion now. Yes they will scream RACISS DAS RACISS. So be it. It is in fact RACIAL, but not racist. It is based on science, fact, and reality. It is not based on an irrational belief. The KNOWLEDGE that other races are dysgenic, the huge body of knowledge, study, and research is now utterly incontrovertible. So what would they have us do deny our intelligent analysis? This does not come from some HATE or PREJUDICE it comes out of actual understanding of the terrible consequences especially FISCAL LOAD which occurs when we are increasingly bound with larger populations of dysgenic races. WE can deny the path we are on and utterly die and decend into HELL (just look at DETROIT or COMPTON for an example) or we can take intelligent measured action. Debate it. And prosper. And this prospertity is for all peoples of all races – everyone will be lifted up. If not, everyone will descend to near starvation, cities full of rape and crime and terror. It is our path to chose, if you fall to political correctness you doom our entire race.