Being mostly a dysgenic hispanic population, Puerto Rico see government as free money to be siphoned off in luxury retirement plans and issue massive bonds to support their welfare and graft based society.

should we forgive their massive debts and pay for rebuilding the island? Yes and no.

Millions of Puerto-ricanos get welfare handouts from America.

One in six men claims to be disabled. One in three households gets food stamps (snap) totaling 2 billion dollars a year.

The solution? They should be simply a protectorate. We will defend them if invaded. But no more free welfare with no taxes to Porto Rico. They will also lose the ability to issue bonds at such low rates. Their fate financially will be their own to chose.

We also should not spend a penny helping them rebuild. Is that not fair since they treated bonds and American handouts as their own personal piggy banks?

Screw Puerto Rico. I’d say dump them completely.  As a protectorate they would no longer be citizens and no longer be free to travel to the united states. A fair punishment for their graft and financial rape of American investors.