They’re under 35, they’re college educated with careers. But the men aren’t getting married.

While only 30% of those over 35 are without a partner (many divorced) a whopping 61% of millenials are unpartnered.

“It’s the divorce rapes, they are just too common” said one man. “I’ve worked too hard to give up all my hard earned money to a woman I’ve only been with for a few years”

With more than 70% of divorces initiated by women out of “boredom” men have a right to feel scared.  Just ask some of those 30% unpartnered men in the 35-54 age bracket who got divorce raped and ended up not only losing half their posessions but also had to pay wife support and child support totaling more than half their incomes.

The case of News Radio star Dave Foley is well documented. He got divorced during the time he was on the show and a high earner. But when the show ended and his earnings collapsed, he could no longer afford the divorce payouts and became destitute.

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The divorces keep on coming as men age, with Baby Boomers continuing to get divorced as they age and amass more wealth for the taking.  Their divorce rates have increased from 15% in the 1970s to almost 50% today.

The family courts are simply corrupt, handing everything to women who most likely were unfaithful to their men. They see big dollars and want out. Men end up paying for their children as remote money siphons, children they will no longer get to see while “Paco” moves in with Mom and they get to live the rest of their lives as one big party.  One reason women fight so hard for custody of their children is that it means they will never have to work again. Even in cases where men earned LESS than the women, men are still being forced to pay support to the ex wife. Until these policies change, America is in a demographic time-bomb and our population will change, losing our best and brightest and being re-filled with … well “Paco”s.  Tax revenues which already are not enough to pay social security or the basic budget will collapse leaving Amerika in a terrible situation. The nation itself will become ripe for invasion as the once hard working productive class will have become so utterly demoralized they will say “well it might go better under the Chinese”.  Expanding out of their port in Long Beach, they will be greeted by burrito vendors for who it matters not one whit who the customer is. For them, life will seem the same.

Russell pointed to data that shows marriage rates increase for younger Americans in connection with salaries. Fewer than half of men between the ages of 30 and 34 who earn less than $40,000 a year are married. More than half of those who make more than $40,000 a year are married, including two-thirds of those who make between $75,000 and $100,000 a year.

Women are targeting the higher earners because they know that that will turn into their big divorce payday in the near future. But the new trend is disturbing, because more and more of these “successful” men are going their own way and avoiding women altogether.

Well sure-ly things are improving, the divorce rates are dropping.  They have been since about 1980.  Sadly, that is the wrong interpretation of the following chart. What has happened is that marriage has declined so much, there are fewer marriages to divorce. Instead, the real rate is probably a straight line, having reached PEAK HORROR in 1980 and now there are fewer and fewer people in marriages period.

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Look at the numbers of children who are blessed to live in a married household. It has collapsed. Why? Because either through divorce rape or through single woman supporting government, women have a cash train to keep them high on the hog without men.

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So we have to ask what can be done. Clearly we have many issues pushing us to a dysgenic population future which will be a third world state. One of the big issues will be to reform divorce court with caps on percentage of income after taxes which can be allotted to wives who divorce.  Would more men marry if women could only get 10% of total assets and 10% of their salary in support? What if it was capped at 5%? Whatever the number, reforms are needed.

We also need programs to re-order women’s path so they marry at 18 after high school, have four or five children, then enter college later if they wish. The tax system should support this path with large credits for doing so, but instead its ShaQuana in the ghetto who has 10 kids and sits and picks her nose while collecting welfare stamps for each child. This abuse also has to be utterly and completely reformed.

Universities with their huge endowments can do much more. Students who are married with children and having children require supportive housing, medical, and free child care. This should be STANDARD at all universities. Today the numbers of students beginning their families is rare to non existent, but it needs to become the norm. More people would consider it if more Universities set up these programs and advertised them. As most universities are a rich country club, it’s ridiculous that they are not more family positive.

Another key step is that women need to grasp the concept of taking a pause to have families, either before university or concomitant with it.  The go straight out of the gates at full speed into the cube slave traps needs to be reformed. People need time for love, not massive overwork and taxing educations.  As a whole, society needs to ease back on the accelerator.  Two weeks of vacation a year? Is this really survivable? Living in Europe, it was clear to see how relaxed people were with even the poor working class having families and children easily on the state plans. A lot of our current society is based on the industrial revolution fat-cats work the people like cattle approach. It needs to change.

It will take efforts on all sides. Unfortunately, people do not realize that we are facing utter collapse as a nation – NON EXISTENCE – if these policies continue another ten years. It may already be late.  We will become a third rate third world welfare state if we do not change course and change hard, full push on that rudder as hard as we can.

Women who divorce because they want to jump to new men and follow their sexual foibles should be shamed not supported by society but somehow every last one of them becomes a vestal virgin once in divorce court.  Only when women see divorce as a path to poverty and destruction and only seek it under the most dire circumstances will our nation reform.

There is also a racial component to divorce. Marriage is a Europanic judeo-christian contract. It is making less and less sense to the new dysgenic diaspora that now resides in the once great United States. Even with the divorce rates reaching staggering levels, at the time of childbirth Europanic Americans only have unwed children at a 28% rate, compare that to the 53% rate for Hispanic and 75% rate for blacks.  This is a direct result of welfare handouts. Another game Hispanics often play is they never declare the marriage between the 40 year old husband and the 15 year old wife, well it would be illegal in America anyways.  The welfare handouts are slanted to single mothers for one reason – America does not want women and children huddled in the streets. As long as they are hidden away there is no issue with the huge poverty in America.  But sadly this policy, which shifts so much of the welfare support to women who have never paid into the system, utterly destroys men who after a lifetime of contribution get almost nothing. The government doesn’t really care if men are sitting shivering and hungry in the streets.

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The problem with the Trump Revolution is they tend to think in terms of day to day fiscal problems, but never the underlying dysgenic policies.  That’s why a Plan for Trump is needed. To reform our CORE which has rotted from welfare abuse, divorce raping women, and an utterly demoralized middle class man.