Dumb Low IQ Blacks Boo-ed Charles Murray calling him a Racist and White Supremacist for writing a book in 1994 “The Bell Jar” which makes it clear that Blacks have lower IQ than whites.

“You sir are killing us”

“No Questions LEAVE!”

“Ain’t nobudhy tellin us wes stupid!” said another black rights protestor.

Well you fucking are stupid. Get over it. No amount of A+ grades in fake colleges or fake courses will change that.  Letting millions of dumb negros enter college with zero ability and then giving them a pass the whole way through creates Uppity 300 pound monsters like the woman in this photo.  All I know is if I’m having heart surgery and I look up and see a black doctor with a scalpel, I’m hopping off that table.

Murray clearly showed in the Bell Jar that black IQ was deficient by an entire order of magnitude from whites. Even comparing blacks from HIGHLY AFFLUENT backgrounds vs. whites from POOR backgrounds, the whites still did better.

And now we have California’s report that only 19% of their blacks can read.

Several states have outlawed IQ testing of blacks. Why? What don’t that want us to know? With more and more billions in taxes going to “LIFT UP” these low IQ simians it’s all just wasted money because after 50 years we have shown you can’t lift up to equality an ape-ish brain to a Europanic brilliant brain.  No not ALL Europanics are brilliant we have some dumb people also, but all the GREAT MINDS are for the most part Europanic. And that leads us to the conclusion – if we throw away our societies trying to live up black dysgenics and become so impoverished in doing so our own best and brightest no longer have babies, that is a recipe for the end of the whole world.