Imagine there are two cities. One stresses handouts and help for all citizens of many kinds. Help with food, housing, watching children, retirement, healthcare. The other city – Capitalus – stresses hard work and reward.

There is a program in Welfarium where with some effort people can get themselves declared “disabled” and get free money to live on. Over time, more than half of the people get on this program.  Of the 50% left who are of working age, more than half work directly for the government. Only 25% are left of normal workers, of whom 15% are unemployed, 1% are wealthy and taxed to death, and 9 percent are regular workers.

Welfarium started out well but quickly had to go into debt to pay for its programs. Debt piled on top of debt until the government could not borrow any more money. So they raised taxes. And they taxed every purchase. And more taxes. But no matter how high they made taxes, with only 9% of the people actually contributing taxes, the debt was always many times higher.

Unable to raise taxes more, Welfarium began to print money driving up inflation. The $2000 a month in welfare money the slackers received suddenly started not to buy very much at the stores. And every year it got worse and worse.

Millions of citizens from third world nations flooded Welfarium getting free medical care for serious expensive conditions and loving the free money. They never had this back home. But these people were from dysgenic violent populations. And crime went up and up in welfarium. Manners were also absent from these new citizens. They would go to the bathroom in the streets and leave trash everywhere.  It wasn’t long before Welfarium looked quite shoddy.

In a last ditch effort to afford Welfarium, armed with a huge army, Welfarium threatened Capitalus with invasion and war unless they handed over 50 billion dollars a year to keep Welfarium running. At first, Capitalus paid it. But it only made Welfarium bigger and bigger in population dwarfing Capitalus.

Meanwhile in Capitalus the exact opposite was happening. Lazy people were weeded out and everyone became a hard worker. They had basic social programs but no luxuries for the poor. Taxes balanced with expenditures and there was no debt. Capitalus were the inventors and thinkers ever trying to find new business niches.  They implemented a standard 10% tariff on all imports to protect their industries further and that helped fund much of the country as well.  There was  a large rich class but a larger strong working middle class.

Over time, Capitalus noticed a strange thing.  Thousands of people from Welfarius were streaming over the borders into Capitalus. The high inflation had eroded the Welfarius people’s free money to the point where it was nearly worthless.  They would flood into Capitalus and say “Gibs Me Dat” and refuse to work. They would sit on the corners of the streets and leave trash everywhere. Their children through a technicality, were given birth certificates and treated as citizens, because historically all children were citizens, and soon the Welfarius refugees began to develop a new political party and vote for programs to give them free money.

Well after a while the people of Capitalus began to grumble. “It’s fine!” said the leaders. “We will change things” said other politicos but then they would do nothing.  This went on for year after year until things got very bad. Health care costs were completely astronomical after Welfarians abused the health system and over ate and had many sicknesses. They would go to the hospital for headaches and clog the emergency rooms. They would pile into the free food banks and say they had 14 children and carry out piles of food leaving Capitalus families to starve.  They had no morality whatsoever. When arrested, Welfarians would just get released into the streets with no penalties. Their children were called “hope-ers” and liberals would flood in and scream “how dare you deny our HOPE”

Well of course Capitalus is the situation right now in America. We are overwhelmed by Welfarians, either from our own welfare states like California, or Mexico and the third world.  What is our response? In a few years Capitalus will be destroyed, the peoples are exhausted from overwork so much so that they no longer marry and have children. Things are so bad that the population of native people is collapsing.  It is decision time.  We can choose Welfarius, but all we have to do is look at the Welfarian state to see what that future looks like – gangs of third worlders roving like dogs, huge percentage of the population not working and on the welfare teat, and endless fiscal debt and inflation.

Oh no you can’t close the border thats Raciss! Oh no you can’t arrest the Welfarians thats RACISS. Oh no you can’t complain about outrageous taxes thats RACISS.

There are only two solutions for Capitalus. Either throw the Welfarians out and write laws that stop the madness, or break off a new state.  That is where we find us in America today.

Our leaders have abandoned us. And they fight against the Trump revolution. And the question is – can we replace them and get our nation back on track before we collapse like Welfarium.  We are in a fight for our nation’s existence. The path forward is indisputable.  But what exactly must be done to prevent Capitalus being overrun by Welfarians?  If you don’t understand the issue of dysgenic genetics you cannot solve this problem.