While they are little-reported even within South Africa itself—the government directed police to stop releasing information about victims’ ethnicity in 2007—one recent murder which made headlines was that of 64-year-old former pharmaceutical executive Sue Howarth, who was a British national.

Mrs Howarth and her husband, 66-year-old Robert Lynn, were confronted by a group of masked men at their isolated farm in the small town of Dullstroom, where they had lived for twenty years, in February this year.

The men tied up the elderly couple and tortured them with a blowtorch for several hours, with Mrs Howarth suffering “horrific” burns to her breasts.

Her attackers attempted to kill her by stuffing a plastic bag down her throat, before driving her and Mr Lynn to a roadside ditch where they shot her twice in the head and her husband once in the neck.

Miraculously, Mr Lynn survived, and was eventually able to flag down a passing car for assistance. Mrs Howarth was also still alive, somehow managing to breathe despite the bag in her throat, but died in hospital two days later.

America needs farmers and the other threatened whites who remain in South Africa. It is a fraud and a shame that our immigration policy does not make them the highest priority refugee class to help. Instead its Fartavia from Somalia and her eighteen mud children that the lefties let in and then clap and smile. Ohhh we’re dooming our race aren’t our fancypants wonderful? How about we help the real oppressed people – the white south african farmers and businessmen who are being tortured to death.