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Trumps immigration proposal:

  1. Does not end the sick perverted H-1B Visa to replace all brilliant American engineers with fake degreed Indians
  2. Does not end Birthright citizenship for children of foreigners. America is the only nation on earth that still does this!
  3. Does not end immigration from Indian’s fraud degreed masses. It’s point system is a BOON to such practices. 3 studies by the GAO all found MASSIVE FRAUD
  4. Does not make specific goals to import and allow Europanic Christians of the world such as the terribly persecuted raped and murdered South AFrican and Zimbabawe farmers or the Christian Syrians
  5. Does not specifically ban the negroid populations of the world
  6. Does not require ALL EMPLOYERS to use E-Verify (and all government subcontractors and sub-sub-sub contractors)