California continues to import and defend monster hoardes of dysgenic people. According to a PPIC study more than 27 percent of the population are new immigrants -“In 2015, 34% of California’s immigrants age 25 and older had not completed high school, compared with 8% of US-born California residents.”

The Center for Immigration Studies reported in 2015 that 55 percent of foreigner households in the state use welfare, compared with 30 percent of American families. But immigrants are grateful Democrat voters, and California must have a surplus of them to maintain power.

The costs of illegal immigrants are in the hundreds of billions to taxpayers. A recent study from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimated that the annual expenditure of California’s state and local tax dollars on services for unlawful foreigners is $25.3 billion

but thats the tip of the iceberg. Jails, public policing, schools, cleaning up human feces from the streets each day, it’s all endless costs upon costs. So instead of repaired bridges and dams, California lets infrastructure rot waiting for the Federal taxpayers to foot the bill for “infrastructure” but it’s all an indirect payola for illegal immigration.