Swiss flag

All they have to do is claim asylum at the border and they will be taken in, housed, fed, treated for medical conditions and given a living allowance.  Our village hired a bunch of somali asylum seekers to clean out brush in the village’s forest.  They were paid CHF30 per day, tax free, on top of their stipend.  They all had smart phones.  In a larger town next door they want to turn a Kaserne into a holding center for asylum seekers.

Driving past the bahnhof (trainstation) in any medium sized town in Switzerland one will pass dozens of these “seekers”, many with baby carriages being pushed by pregnant women wearing hijab.  None of them work.  They are also riding buses and trains all over the place, so they must be given coupons or credit for public transport, because transport really IS expensive in Switzerland.

As Switzerland is NOT part of the EU, they are not bound to take in any immigrants at all. So why are they? Because they have the leftist social welfare mindset and worse as a wealthy nation rich with the banking industry (the one that provided means for Hitlers Gold) they have the extra reserves to extend their welfare to thousands of black low IQ high raping immigrants.

Switzerland gets hit by their historical role in WWII when Jewish refugees from Germany were turned back at the border. It was hardly the Sound of Music happyness for most of them who ended up dead. Because of this guilt, they have decided to take in black Moose-looms into their pearly white villages. Their teen children now will have to live in fear of anal rape from gangs of 100 “youts”.  It isn’t worth it, I’d take the guilt.

Switzerland has always been tough on immigrants demanding assimilation.

In 2012, a Muslim family was fined $1,500 for refusing to allow their daughters to participate in swim classes. The matter worked its way up to the Supreme Court, which ruled that no dispensations from swimming lessons should be made on religious grounds.

In another case, the Swiss naturalization board denied citizenship to members of another immigrant family because they wore sweatpants around town and did not greet passersby,

In May, Swiss education authorities ruled that students who refuse to shake a teacher’s hand – a Swiss tradition – could be fined up to $5,000. The decision came after two teenage Muslim boys refused to shake their female teacher’s hand on religious grounds.

So for now, some moose-looms are gaining access to Switzerland, but Switzerland isn’t bending one blade of grass to accomodate their strange caveman beliefs. Good for Switzerland, now if they can stop taking in refugees altogether.