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Ah the day the tide turned. Spurred by a secret informant to talk dirt on the Uranium One scandal, the congress has finally launched several investigations into Hillary Clinton. None of this matters one whit because Congress is near powerless. But it does build the pressure for the department of justice to prosecute Hillary.

But Sessions will not. And Rod Rosenstein will not. So what now?

Well Rosenstein being on the Uranium One committee has to recuse himself. So basically if Sessions will not indite Hillary by the end of the year he needs to go. Because at that point he is either totally psychotic or utterly corrupt. He needs to go. He has perhaps 30 days to get his act in order. The ONLY reason Trump hasn’t tossed him sooner is because the confirmation process is so dire that he needed some facade of stability.

What should Trump Do? He should toss Sessions and appoint Giuliani interim AG for six months. Giuliani can come in, prepare the charges, get it all in motion, then step out. He has no deep state war to fear. He’s not one of them, well, cough cough, he’s corrupt but he will not shirk from this feather in his cap. As long as its a short term appointment to get this Hillary to prison attack done once and for all then he will come out smelling like roses.

A first step would be to freeze all the assets of the Global Theft Foundation and that includes Chelsea’s six million dollar NYC apartment bought with foundation funds. Every penny of where that money has gone needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb. And the huge Haiti relief fund money also needs a full investigation. There are enough investigations to keep Hillary busy in court for 20 years.

IRS harrassment of christian groups, Susan Lice unmasking, Fast and Furious, Murder of an Ambassador with a stand down order in Benghazi. Pick your crime. Any of these should be enough to remove Hillary from public existence forever. We can only hope that no bail is provided and she has to rot in prison from day one.

The Hillary Clinton scandal is a long sick story of seeing government as a personal piggy bank to abuse and spend as they wish. Surrounded by the totally corrupt BLACK government of Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder (is he black? kinda maybe with a good tan), Susan Lice, and of course finally Barry Soetoro will go to prison with the rest of them. Will it ever happen? It needs to if America is to enter a new world of freedom. The Age of Trump. We can only pray.