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“It’s some kind of PTSD, even the immigrants who don’t come from war zones have it” said Dr. Svinkel of the Swedish Institute.

In several new studies psychologists are confused by the high rates of anger and violence from their new immigrant populations. But we here at Patriot Mouse have an answer – THEY ARE BLACK!

Like Low IQ, these traits are simply part of being black. The all-white nations like sweden and switzerland with little experience with blacks look at these simian raping animals and think “It must be mental illness” how can they possibly behave that badly? News for you sugarplums, THAT IS NORMAL!

The true horror of what they have done negro-seeding Europe is just beginning to dawn on them. For now, it’s “mental illness” because compared to Europanics, you’d have to be crazy to act like that. Nope, that’s the new normal, welcome to hell Europe.