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When a man penetrates, the foreskin gets tugged down, pulling on the frenulum, producing pleasure and orgasm. Removing the foreskin via genital mutilation as is often done in Amerika without anesthetic to babies that are terrified and horrified that the world is so painful, leads to problem after problem.

Without that foreskin tug (when pushing foward, and when pulling backwards) providing that stimulus to the frenum, for the male with mutilated genitals having sex is not much better than trying to fuck air.  Many men in this condition will have to try to self-stimulate post coitus to achieve an orgasm – if they can at all.


This is the sad sick truth about this barbaric practice. So we have to ask, why is it a horror and crime to mutilate female genitals, but perfectly fine to mutilate the genitals of males? What a horror it is for a baby to open it’s eyes, see the beautiful world for the first time, then feel its arms yanked back and get strapped down, then it’s legs, then the doctor comes into view. and with NO ANESTHETIC slices piece after piece off his penis. Of course, the foreskin is ATTACHED at this age, so out come the PLIARS and they RIP THE SKIN OFF.  This leaves a scarred mutilated penile surface – pitted from the ripped off skin. The infant then screams and cries for a week. But dumb Americans think crying babies is “normal” it is not.  Slam a few vaccines in to fry its brains, and the zombie protocol is complete.



I was circumcised about 6 months ago. I am having difficult reaching orgasm it takes a long time when masturbating and almost impossible through sexual intercourse. Most times with sexual intercourse i cannot and with a condom never.

Has anyone got any advice, could it be possible i have to modify the way i am having sex.

I know this is a few years past the original post, but the topic still holds true.

I was circumcised last Tuesday, due to a build up of scar tissue from a cycling injury some years ago, and by Sunday I was getting desperate to reach orgasm, but try as I might I just wasn’t getting anywhere, and was seriously getting scared that I may never be able to reach another orgasm again. Then, this Tuesday, on the 1 week anniversary (pretty much to the hour) I set about giving direct stimulation to the glans with lots & lots of lube & got so near to orgasm that I decided to try the same method again the following day.

Wednesday morning I got the lube out again & repeated the technique. It took a lot longer than it used to in my pre-op days, but eventually I reached one hell of a climax.

Since then I’ve been able to start getting back to my original masturbation routine (perhaps a bit less for now), and have found that subsequent sessions have become easier, but have found that extreme supplies of lube have become essential, and as a result have placed a bulk order with Amazon, who have some decent products on offer.

I first learned how to masturbate at age 11. Now, 40 years later, I find myself having to learn all over again. The techniques have, so far, proved to be entirely different, but ultimately just as rewarding.

You guys must have all had your reasons for having this done, but I wish you wouldn’t have. Circumcision, unless medically necessary, is a worthless procedure that removes about 20 thousand nerve endings from the head of your penis, including the frenulum which is one of the most sensitive parts of your penis. Some men are made to feel bad if they are not cut, but from many womens point of view, including myself, we prefer natural intact men. The penis works better, and sex is more enjoyable.

With present-day hygiene and frequency of showering/bathing — there is hardly any reason to be circumcised (phimosis. I consider it mutilation in its purest form, and it is visited upon the most innocent who have no say or vote on the subject. I was circumcised at 6 months due to the apparent incessant urging of one of my aunts (how it was any of her business I will never understand). Anyway, my mother acquiesced and let my aunt take me for the “procedure” which altered me forever. I will never forgive either of them. Don’t do it, except for extreme medical reasonms!

I know this was posted a few years ago but it really is true. I was circumcised in June 2015 for medical reasons. After three weeks post circumcision i tried to j/o and it did not work. it took me a couple of days after that to finally figure out a new way to j/o. I have not had an orgasm during intercourse to date and i am so disappointed! I was extremely sensitive pre-circumcision. Are there any creams out there that will make me more sensitive?

Hey Jay_H,
your post could be mine. 6 weeks ago I have undergone a circumcision (phimosis due to lichensclerosus) and since then I haven’t attained any orgasm yet. In the meantime, I really feel desperate fearing I will never be able to enjoy sex with my wife and sex turned out to be mere stress.
Did you succeed somehow in the meantime?

I was genitally mutilated at the age of 7 and never had an orgasm during sex. Not during a blowjob. Not during an intercourse. I cannot feel enough pleasure to reach any orgasm. When masturbating, it is very difficult, takes very long, and I can only get off when thinking of something extremely exciting. The excitement does not come from masturbating, it comes from for example watching the most exciting porn. And even that is taking too long compared to any other non-mutilated guy.

Male genital mutilation is offered and sold in different types. One can have a full and tight or low. It was a torture without anesthetics that lasted 20 minutes, I was strapped in a chair and could not defend, everything was against my will, and I had extreme pain that lasted for weeks after the torture. That torture was like a rape, abuse, torture, and a painful and permanent disfigurement. I have pain in my genitals because the genital is dry without its foreskin and half of my shaft is skinned (which is the mutilation). There should not be any skinned shaft. At most the corrupt charlatans should cut the skin to damage the gliding action. But when they also skin half of the shaft, they damage the sexual function completely.

Depending on the type of a genital mutilation that they sold to you or your parents, you will have a different level of sexual disability.

And by the way, sexual disability is too politically correct. It really is a genital disfigurement, and very painful, ugly, permanent.

Parents do it to their kids out of hate, envy, and in attempt to dominate their kids whole life to keep those future adults from having a family, wife, or a normal life. These parents try to raise kids to do chores and to serve them. These parents want to raise a slave for their own needs. They are not allowing the future adult the basic human rights, the basic freedom to have one’s penis, the basic freedom to have sex, and the basic freedom to have a normal life. Instead, all they want is to dominate their offspring whole life, and have him serve, work hard, do chores, etc.

And this is the true reason for male genital mutilation, the full type which my sexual function has been damaged with. And you cannot imagine the life long trauma from torture, fear of castration, anxieties, all sorts of severe psychological and physiological consequences that mutilating one’s penis has.

A male or a female with mutilated genitals (disfigured, not working due to the disfigurement) is a very barbaric torture in itself. Much worse given there were no anesthetics and the butchery lasted 20 minutes, all against my will, when I was 7 years old. And I’m 29 and I still remember that! It is the biggest possible pain known to a man. That area is the most sensitive of the whole body, has tens of thousands of nerves, and it is slowly butchered with a scalpel, scissors, ripped off, pulled, skinned, cut, stitched. It’s cruel and inhumane, and those who do it to their offsprings deserve the harshest of punishments available, and any corrupt charlatans who do it deserve the same harshest of punishments available. Whatever the harshest punishment is in the given country, these people deserve no less!
Those who spread misinformation are the same groups that market it, sell it, and carry these mutilations. They all deserve the harshest of punishments also for marketing, selling, and aggressively dysinforming about it.

That guy who wrote he can orgasm with tons of lube obviously described masturbation. He will never orgasm during an intercourse or oral like in my case. Half of my shaft is skinned. And you cannot imagine the pain of your penis being skinned alive, no anesthetics.

And I am from Europe! Not from any 3rd world country.