A couple show off their body art including tattooed eyeballs, numerous piercings, and a forked tongue

Ah devil boy. We all know one. The hipster who thinks its cool to split his tongue pierce his earlobes with pinapple husks and dye his eyeballs black. But more and more men are doing it. Why? They get the hot chics.

“Chics dig rebels” said the millionth tattooed dork at the Australian Ink Festival.

This celebration of anti-beauty is part of doomesday culture, a side effect of society that has gone utterly off the rails.  Starting a family working hard its all out the window, its not a land of hedonism and self – “art” and modification.  Quick sex. Its a terrible sign of the collapse of our society.

A woman gets a new new tattoo on the back of her leg in addition to faces on her arms

The feminists were getting tattooed on their larger frames and purple hair. If you can’t be pretty you may as well be very very ugly.

It isn’t tattooes per se. It’s the attitude. The “new cool” is actually terribly passe and boorish. But they still keep getting laid because they are part of “counter culture” and non working non striving masses.  Most are on disability and getting free payola from the government. That’s the true motivator for the new slacker non producing society. Tattoo-ing is a cash business that is portable. Artists can also roam between shops as they travel. It’s also high paying, as a several hour tattoo can cost hundreds of dollars.

On MGTOW sites they refer to these covered in tattoo women as THOTS, and the miles of “male anatomy” that they have run through them. Wasted women. Throw aways. But the women have no clue. They are in the hedonism game, and that means finding an annoying greasy non-working ass to bed down with.

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Once the women are completely covered in tattoos and they hit middle aged with saggy boobs and butts and a chubby tummy, well, it’s game over. Who would hire that? So it just encourages doomesday culture and non producers forming counter culture societies. The 1960s had a dangerous end – the huge hangover of the 1970s.  This one will be twice as bad.

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