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A group of students from one of the non-passing schools where ZERO students were proficient

They aren’t stupid, they are just “Brain Challenged”.  Every single student at FOUR baltimore high schools and one middle school flunked the math and science tests.

The schools are:

  • Booker T. Washington Middle School
  • Frederick Douglass High School
  • Achievement Academy at Harbor City
  • New Era Academy
  • Excel Academy at Francis M. Wood High
  • New Hope Academy

High school students are tested by the state in math and English. Their scores place them in one of five categories – a four or five is considered proficient and one through three are not. At Frederick Douglass, 185 students took the state math test last year and 89 percent fell into the lowest level. Just one student approached expectations and scored a three.

“I guess we are all pretty stupid” said one student, but you have to blame the teachers the administrations for giving these kids a pass the whole way through and not enforcing dicipline in learning. It’s part of bending over backwards for blacks and letting them run amok. Blacks can learn. Not as quickly or as brilliantly as whites, but to not be able to master even retard level math and science is preposterous. Blacks are that smart. It is the society that has failed.

Students from the “Achievement” academy

How can a high school with zero students proficient in math, have one of the highest graduation rates in Baltimore City?

It’s a question Project Baltimore is asking after teachers from Northwood Appold Community Academy II, or NACA II, contacted us saying grades are being changed so students can graduate.

“I don’t think it’s possible,” says one of the teachers who sat down with Fox45. We’re disguising their identities because the educators fear retaliation.

“You should think at least one. But none? Wow!” says the other teacher.

None. Zero. It’s a number that also got our attention.

NACA II is a Baltimore City high school that has its troubles. According to district data analyzed by Project Baltimore, attendance rates are down since 2013, while chronic absenteeism has nearly quadrupled and suspensions have more than doubled. Yet, the school reports an 87 percent graduation rate, the exact same as the state average.

We need to remove the teachers role and get kids into computer run learning cubes for half the day. Let the teachers assist one on one what the kids are struggling with. The old notion of 20 screaming kids in a classroom is obsolete and these tests prove they don’t work.