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It is not the end of the beginning nor the beginning of the middle, it is the beginning of the end. And a long road ahead of us. What we are facing is the overwhelming evidence that the entire barak obozo administration was utterly corrupt and all of them belong in jail for life in the cases where the penalities for the crime is not death for treason.

But don’t get excited. We are a hundred miles from getting there. And until Trump removes Sessions AND Rosenstein, which would make him look hugely troubled, it cannot progress. Rosenstein is a democrap and Sessions is compromised. Or an imbecile. One or the other.

BUT, we have to wait for the tax cut bill. That is the most important thing. So be assured once that passes a lot of back burner projects will be possible.

Why? Trump needs a win before moving forward. He MUST have ONE legislative victory. And it must be a big tax cut for the middle class. Currently there is NO INFORMATION on the proposed tax plan. NOTHING. Because until they tell us the new rate and at what income level it hits at, its all just another fraud. Sure they will double the standard deduction, but this helps married couples, it’s not enough to help single households, and married households are fading and they know that.  All in all, they might get a net $500 in tax breaks if you are single, not enough to turn the country out of THE GREATEST LONGEST DEPRESSION IN HISTORY.  We have been formally in a great depression since 2000 and in an extreme depression state since 2008. By falsifying inflation rates, they make it look like positive GDp of 3%. The reality is inflation is 8% not 1.5%. So subtract that from the GDP and you will see we are still collapsing, only slower, but they can’t possibly want you to know that.

The nation desperately needs a 10% import tariff. Desperately. And higher on shite countries like Chynyah (the trump pronunciation).

Don’t forget we are about to start a nuclear war with North Korea, another event on the back burner until the tax bill passes. We nee to bring in the leaders of Japan, China, and South Korea and come up with a plan for dividing up North Korea and for how the military presence post war will be managed. Otherwise it will be the US vs. China. Now China might actually agree to it if it’s a pretty good deal for them. The citizens will move down to the south Half and China will get more ocean ports. South Korea will take over as far north as Pyong Yang and the US will get a large island for a military base. Everyone is happy and Kim Jun Un will be a crispy black cinder suitable for framing in a museum as a warning not to be a dipshit.

The best way to get Clinton is to bring in Giuliani to write the indightments and start the prosecutions as acting AG. For six months or so. While Trump decides and congress approves the replacement.  Then after that’s done, sack Rod RosenFuch as well. It’s probably too much to sack both of them at the same time.

So, don’t hold your breath. Because Obozo signed off on everything Clinton did, and so did the FBI, saying what she did is “illegal” will take a huge massive testicle.  Sessions is clearly fully cucked and incapable of it. If he actually indights it will be a huge surprise. No we need a go getter.  Even Chris Crispy Creme would be a better choice at this point.