Image result for black girls attackWhat was once a high class district south of san francisco in Santa Clara has now succumbed to the black and hispanic masses. Gangs of blacks and hispanics entered the park armed, sneaking in through open gates and attacking the white teens with tasers and clubs. This was once a high end upscale suburb and now its a ghetto just 20 years later. This is a horrific statement of what is happening all over America.

The target? As always high end cell phones.

The disturbances happened at Great America’s Halloween Haunt, the annual haunted house set up on the park for the holiday.

Park patron Noe Bracamontes posted video of the fight on Snapchat live Saturday evening. At first, two girls can be seen throwing punches. Then a zapping sound is heard.

Bracamontes is pretty sure it was a Taser.

“We heard it and I was like, ‘Is that what I think it is?’ She just started like, Tasing the girl. Almost like stabbing her in a way,” said Bracamontes. “It was chaotic. It was hectic.”

Saturday night at Great America’s Halloween Haunt turned ugly after witnesses said groups of young teenagers crowded into the park and got into a series of fights for no apparent reason.

Image result for black girls attack

As one fight started between teens, other teens would swarm around to shoot video, which seemed to encourage more fights.

“Like, ‘Oh, he looked at me weird.’ Or ‘She’s looking at me weird,’” explained Bracamontes. “Somebody bumps into somebody. There’s a lot of people there. Some might take it as disrespectful.”

Santa Clara police said as many as 100 young people were involved in the fights. Some customers sustained minor injuries. Others reported their cell phones were stolen.

Santa Clara police report they made two arrests. One juvenile was taken into custody for theft, while another person was arrested for public intoxication.

A spokesman for Great America reported there was an incident that required police to be called and insisted the park did not evacuate or close early.

However, one employee told KPIX 5 off camera that once Santa Clara police officers arrived, they started ushering customers and some employees out of the park just after midnight, an hour before the parks scheduled 1 a.m. closing time Saturday evening.

Sunday night, Santa Clara police stepped up patrols in the area. But on Saturday, Bracamontes said the security guards were seriously outnumbered, so the ones he saw did little to intercede.