It seems quite simple really. Arrest all the immigrants with large beards. Then put them through deep screening. You can’t do this on arrival as they would merely shave them off. No, you have to do street sweeps. If you look like the guy above, you’re going downtown for questioning.

Naw, that would be a violation of non-citizen civil liberties. Wait What? They aren’t CITIZENS they are GUESTS HERE and if the police and FBI want to pick you up and question you they damn well have that right!

Second, we need to surveil and build our database of these “akbars”.  How hard can that be?

Third, if you work at Home depot and a guy with a large beard asks to rent the truck, and he looks middle eastern, a call to the FBI is probably in order. Sure still rent him the truck. But unleash the hounds at the same time. This goes for all truck rentals.

We spent a BILLION DOLLARS to fortify NYC and left the pedestrian and bicycle lanes open to not just cars, BUT TO TRUCKS!  NYC police just pocketed the loot through overtime pay. What a JOKE!

If we don’t get SERIOUS and that means EVERY BICYCLE PATH EVERY PEDESTRIAN WAY HAVING HUGE CONCRETE BARRIERS STAT then well I wouldn’t bother going to those cities NOR if I were a ped or bicyclist bother on those lanes.

Sadly, America is already invested with muslims. But at least we can stem the tide. Unfortunately we will never blockade people from Saudi Arabia so we are totally fucked. Sigh.