American first lady Melania Trump also towered over Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko as they met on President Trump's second day in Japan

Melania and Trump towered over the Japanese royal family as they met in Japan this week. There were no bows, only handshakes. Who were these giant people? The Japanese must have thought.

It is a symbol and a statement, whether intentional or not, that the age of America bowing to everyone else, as Obama did, is OVER.

It’s time to get down to brass tax, business, and war. No doubt a plan for both negotiation with North Korea and the plan to decimate North Korea was being floated and approved. This is quite ominous really as if North Korea doesn’t get it this time they surely will be utterly destroyed in nuclear fire.

Japan is a beautiful place with beautiful people. Like the US fighting Germany in WWII, we were utterly on the wrong side in so many ways. The Germans were very like Americans. And so are the Japanese. Their invasion of Manchuria and the rape of Nanking, their terrible treatment of American POWs will never be forgiven. But after experiencing the nuclear Horror, Japan emerged humbled, a protectorate of America happy to kick our ass economically and sell us trinkets. And buy them we did.

Today, Japan’s powerhouse Sony is floundering. The countries lifelong employment structure has fallen, and people are ill at ease. Still, the increadible grace and charm of the people is overwhelming. They have a distinct formality and propriety, underneath which are huge appetites for food, debauchery, and sex. In short, they are a lot like Americans, without the polite part.

ABE’s Krugmanian plan to simply print his way out of the recession has not worked and they are in worse debt than America. Both nations need to wake up to the madness of debt based currency (see the book : Zirp Zombies for more detail)

Similar nations facing similar problems, only this time, no bows.