There are Rats and there are super rats. And Hillary Clinton is the Head Mafioso Crime Leader. People are terrified of her. So much so they will not bring charges against her even though her every last breath is laden with crime, murders, and graft.

Obama, Rosenstein, Comey and Mueller knew she was receiving millions in payoffs to allow the Uranium One deal – the deal that gave control of 20% of the USA’s Uranium reserves to Russia. In a sick twist, after Comey pardoned Hillary for deleting 33,000 emails after a congressional subpoena requested them, then Rosenstein appointed Mueller to be the Trump Russia Collusion investigator. A crime team investigating a crime team. SICK!

There is so much and so many crimes its almost impossible to investigate. Where do you start? With the Loretta Lynch corruption, the Susan Rice unmasking, Fast and Furious gun running to drug lords, the IRS scandal where they harrassed conservative groups? It’s endless. What about the Fusion GPS russian collusion that Hillary paid for? What about the illegal spying on Americans? endless.

Sessions quakes in fear. Who can dare challenge the Hillary? Not me says Sessions, I’m not gonna get shot in the back like Seth Rich.

Who in our government has the guts to do something>? Until then, the Rat with a human brain lives on.