The Saudi Anti-Corruption probe has hit dozens of princes including billionaire Alaweed bin Talal. What is really going on?

The truth is ALL of them are corrupt. So any probe will get everyone to one degree or another. Being corrupt is normal there. And the new head prince knows it. It’s a way to clean house and reign in power. But we wonder if too many princes feel themselves in danger then there will be pressure to overthrow the house of Salman and put in new leadership. So it’s a fine line being walked.

Behind it is Trump’s new diplomacy, a withdrawl of McCain money and now a push to withdraw Saudi money from Al Quaedo and ISIS groups.  Sadly, many saudi Teens see going off on Jihad as a rite of manhood. These coddled mall rats need to spend a year shooting off AK 47s and feeling their manhood. So many of these fighter groups were supported by Saudi Arabia. With Afghanistan and Syria shut down, the new push is to send Saudi teens off to Yemen, again a place with easy targets and low resistance. They can earn their manhood war chops and come back from their right of passage feeling less soft and go back to sipping their lattes at the mall and banging the abundant poor women.

Saudi’s new phase is good because it’s part of the joint partnership against terrorism with America and it will hopefully stop much of this nonsense in the middle east. The new target needs to shift to IRan and for that Saudi Arabia needs to clean house.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia is breaking its deal with Bretton Woods II and the petrol dollar and trading oil with China for Gold. This is the bigger danger. Restructuring China is a huge issue for America. Normally a communist nation is dirt poor. But they have found a loophole by selling their groups to a capitalist market. This is why there has to be tariffs / security fees for all trade with China. We need to take 20% of that profit and put it into America’s coffers. That will lead to near balance, keeping our currency flows in check. The nation will collapse if we do not curb our trade deficits. Slowly piece by piece our nation will get sold off to foreign companies (one thing we should BLOCK immediately!) the only home for foreign dollars should be our government bonds. Not our ports and bridges.

America needs to finish its games in the middle east, stabilize Syria, square off with Iran and promote their own efforts to overturn their religious oppressors (trust me they are sick of them but they are helpless), and shift our vision to ASIA where the real games are being played.

Another thing America needs to do is to set new ties with Russia which will happen when Putin and Trump meet in Iceland. Our nations, both white christian nations, should come together and be partners. And use our joint fight against muslim terrorism as a bonding point. What Russia needs is free elections and a bill of rights. When we learn how utterly corrupt the DemoThugs are and the Donna Brazil revelations we shouldn’t see Russia as that much worse. In fact, Russia is BoomeING with entrepreneurs becoming millionaires with renewed energy while Americans simper in a economic horror that’s gone on 17 years. It’s time to bond with Russia and become friends. The thought of Russia as the great enemy simply doesn’t make sense any more.  And Europe needs to become second class citizens until they throw off their dictatorship.

This leads us to NATO and our role in it. We will never straight off walk away from NATO but we need to literally send out bills to nations for our defense and if they do not wish to pay up they will get a formal certificate that says our requirement to defend them as a fellow NATO nation is suspended until they clear their bill. Could it ever happen? Maybe. Depends how much leverage we have to throw around. With the immigrant destruction of Europe, they are slated to become weak and near destroyed in just 20 or 40 years. We should establish ties with the strong east block nations that don’t fall into that genetic overthrow game – Hungary, Estonia, Czech Republic, etc.

Finally, the problem with Turkey.  Turkey, once a NATO candidate, a EU candidate, has shown it is clearly on the Muslim side. It’s time to squeeze turkey economically and push to split it apart. It’s time to take back St. Sophia and restore our Christian beachhead in that part of the world – a new crusade but economic. Turkey MUST be the line to hold back Muslim hoardes. And the same for Spain. Both must be strong fortress lines against the barbarism of the middle east.

Saudi Arabia needs to launch the Muslim reformation. They cannot remain the nation of extreme Wahabbism. And for that they need the Muslim Pope or Grand Mufti to be a reformist. That step will be the most significant but it will be tough to achieve.

The whole power axis is shifting now that America has been bled out. Trump is printing money and flexing muscle, but ultimately, in a decade, without massive change to our economic basis and spending. If we don’t reform our immigration and populations through welfare and disability and immigration reforms, 14th amendment reforms, we will simply be kaput and ripe for Chine to buy our whole nation piece by piece.

We have to partner with China. But right now they are raping us by holding North Korea over our heads. Which is why we have to resolve NK within a year. So we can get onto tariffs on China. Trump is not for Tariffs. But he needs to be.  We can call them security fees. Copyright penalties. And also for Chinese trade, their 51% ownership rule for companies that set up there HAS to be overturned. Or tariff the hell out of them. We simply cannot stand by and let them rape us economically any longer. The weird communist loophole – sell goods abroad to prosperous Capitalist states – must be modified. Right now China has a BETTER system than capitalism.  This loophole must be shut down. Or at least minimized so we can learn and have time to see what is going on and get our projections correct and redirect things.