Update: Trump gets the Sprung and they returned home – “WESE NIGGRUHS BIATCH WE CAN DO ANYTHING” said the NBA player

Mark Dreyer of ChinaSportsInsider.com reported that all charges were dropped against the trio and that they were not officially deported from the country.

James T. Areddy of the Wall Street Journal first reported the news of the players’ exit from China. President Donald Trump had said he was working with Chinese president Xi Jinping on having the players returned to the United States.


ESPN, citing an unnamed source, reported that police came to the team hotel in the city of Hangzhou early Tuesday morning to apprehend the student-athletes, who were reportedly not allowed to speak to coaches. They have reportedly been accused of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store next to the hotel.

“They weren’t messing around,” the source told ESPN. “The kids were scared.”

It all started as the three negros entered the Vuitton store and decided to play Gibs-Me-Dat with the $500 dollar sun glasses. They ran out the store laughing feeling their NEGruH power and unstoppable.

Except they made one tiny mistake. The Chinese DON’t GIVE A FUCK about letting Negrahs getting away with their crimes. they don’t GIVE A FUCK.

LiAngelo Ball and his teammates could face as much as three to 10 years in prison if convicted of the crime, a report Tuesday by Yahoo Sports claimed. The players may also be detained for more than a month, without access to an American-style bail hearing, while local prosecutors determine whether to bring charges, the website reported. Markazi reports that the three players will not be allowed to leave their hotel in Hangzhou until the legal process is over.

“We was just doin what we always do in the US.. why is this happening!”