It’s a sick horror.  A monster from the 1965 socialism. We are throwing our Europanic middle class into poverty to pay trillions upon trillions for social programs to grow and breed blacks, pay for their illegitimate children, and give them lives of partying and fun while whites slave away in long weeks of horrific stressful labor.

Why are we throwing away the white race to pay for the black race to double in size every twenty years. What you say? Double in size? Yes. It’s that frightening – from 36 to 50 million blacks between 2000 and 2020. And as a percentage of population in relative terms they are increasing as well. What was 10% of the population when these programs to hand over absolutely everything – jobs, college degrees, and $200,000 for fake farming – began.

The costs of growing dysgenic blacks is overwhelming if you add not just the ridiculous social justice programs like head start, emergency rooms filled with gunshot victims, prisons filled with violent blacks, and urban blight as neighborhood after neighborhood get trashed and reduced to crumbling horror rape vectors.

At the same time that negros have done so well and are growing and growing, Europanic population growth is ZERO. The number for 2016 was growth of 5,000 people.

The costs of the huge taxation nation, the national debt which is a hidden 10% inflation tax which makes saving and trying to claw your way into a better life impossible, the bankruptcies of our pension plans which can’t grow in our high inflation debt zirp environment, there is basically no way to recover and balance our budget ever as long as this psychotic self-genocide behaviour by the sell out elites stops completely.

What about the hispanics, aren’t they growing even faster? The answer is yes and they are almost as much of a welfare and prison burden as the blacks, but not quite.

Europanics do not breed in captivity. As USSA marches to being a repressive slave state, there are fewer and fewer children. Our reproduction and our welfare system is simply NOT COMPATIBLE with dysgenic races who do nothing but abuse them. The only difference between blacks and hispanics is that hispanics will work jobs under the table and be fairly prosperous as they work tax free often in good paying construction work. Both cause as much crime and destroy their communities. But once a city passes 50% black you can forget it, that city has fallen to our political correctness and cannot ever be brought back. Baltimore, once a great city, and St. Louis have both now fallen. Chicago is teetering and the whole state of Illinois cannot fund their pensions. Seriously dangerous.

The American people have not wanted this immigration surge yet none of the elites will do anything to stop it, just the opposite Obama literally gave free bus tickets and $20,000.00 bucks to every illegal who showed up. Welcome everyone, our money is limitless we just print more. Until we can’t. Idiot.

We need a complete time out on all immigration or a 99% reduction, for at least ten years. The problem with the blacks is much more insidious as they are part of our nation. It is going to require policy changes to turn this around. And those changes are not politically correct. No more increased payouts if you have more children, no privileges to free housing the more children you have (section 8 needs to be ended immediately). And one wonders really other than forced sterilization if they want welfare benefits, what measures would be successful in reigning in the negro explosion. This is a key challenge for America, and if we do nothing, well our nation will utterly die.

Like feeding pidgeons in the park, we have tossed six trillion dollars to grow a dysgenic race, the worst most vile raping murdering criminals are a large part of that population. It will take hundreds of years to try to genetically return them to a normal race with normal levels of violence and equanimity, if it is possible at all. So it begs a question, what is our response to it right now? Tying welfare and disability payouts to the amount paid is is about the only solution I can fathom. It’s not racist, it would be the same policy for all races. Perhaps when the next generation sees how shockingly poor the unwed black mothers are they would chose chastity or abortion rather than starting a 8 child family out of wedlock in government housing smoking a crack pipe. Surely we can do better.

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