When people breed dogs, they typically have a target.  Often it is to breed a happy healthy well rounded individual without disease.  This is the same goal as fighting dysgenics has on a population.  So while perhaps we can’t quite specify EXACTLY the pro-genic traits we wish to foster, or they might be controversial, we can take a stab much more easily at what traits we want surpressed.

So let’s say we have some dogs born which are violent and bite the other dogs.  Other dogs are lazy and don’t do much – these wont be of use to guard sheep. Well we don’t continue to breed them.

Let’s look at our American population. Some traits like immorality, greed, and sexual wantoness might not be so easy to specify or qualify.  And other traits like “aryan” blond hair blue eyes might not be the best thing for a population, it could make the population succeptible to a bad disease. No you want genetic diversity but you also want to encourage traits to make society stronger.

One question is if you have to follow the brave new world approach and think of classes of workers. Some might be ok to be low IQ but have great stamina and strength to move pipes or carry bales of hay.  What about a creative class that paints or writes music?

One thing is certain, we do not want very low IQ, violent, immoral, those who reproduce with abandon regardless of ability to care for children, we don’t want those who cheat, and we don’t want those who have no love in their heart.  We don’t want to reproduce those who are economic failures.

On the other hand, our best aspiring students, doctors, scientists, writers, those we DO want to reproduce or encourage, but how can we qualify that? One way is to simply look at the college system and if people graduate from our top tier schools they should get extra incentives to have children. For example, if they have four children, then half of their student loan debt would be forgiven, a 0% interest mortgage would be made available, and perhaps even covering a stipend for paying for a house or car if they are not well to do.  They would also get free child care which was A+ level or tax write offs for a nanny (probably better).  If there are 100 top colleges and universities selected, and each graduates 500 people, that’s only 50,000. So it’s not a lot.  And right now MOST of those are NOT having children. This is a huge error for society, we have taxed and overworked our best and brightest so badly that they simply cannot fathom having children. Instead the least and worst of us have baby after baby with the government paying for all of it.

Along with this program being given to college graduates, people should be able to apply if they have special talent – writers, musicians – in ways that do not manifest through college.  And it CANNOT have affirmative action like the Genius Awards which give 600,000 dollars awards to dumb blacks who bang their fists on a piano and call it music. NO! ARRGH GOD NO!

But fighting dysgenics has to happen MOSTLY with restricting reproduction to the failures of society which principally are easiest to determine are those who cannot care for themselves – single moms, welfare users and abusers, high school drop outs, prison populations.  Forced sterility is probably never going to be societal acceptable but one thing that can happen is to NOT increase government aid if you have children (no payouts per child). Instead only increase TAX CREDITS for having children for working class people.  A family which is raising six children and is middle class should not be paying taxes.  If you are in these negative populations, payouts for undergoing sterility procedures is one option, still a choice but the dollars would be attractive enough to get takers.

And this leads us to the notion that we need reversable procedures for sterility. A vasectomy is quite difficult to re-connect the tissues.  We need to invent valves which are easy for surgeons to turn on and off. But not so easy that there’s a black market in reversing the procedures. The same for women. It’s hard to say exactly how this would progress and certainly we don’t want to adopt it for everyone with a hard ham fist control of all births. But certainly it needs to be explored.

The very hardest part in all of this will be the furor of those groups who feel they have a disproportionate pressure on them to not have children. Namely blacks and hispanics and middle eastern people.  Because they have genetics with a disposition for violence, immorality, low IQ, all testable and easily provable. But here is the key point. Rather than hating the races it is the program to REDEEM THEM.  They can be brought FORWARD. The Europanic race only became so great because it suffered such extreme climate and conditions, such pressure on the genome, that naturally it bred out the worst peoples. Of course, the Europanic IQ is a very wide curve especially for men, so that too would find this program applying.   But the other races can be brought forward, if in no other capacity than in their violent tendencies. If we can do it in dogs we can do it in humans. Blacks have naturally very high levels of testosterone which leads to anger.  But there is no reason this has to remain so.  When we have Blacks with a 50% Europanice admixture this violence decreases and their IQ goes up to 90 rather than 75 or 85.

One hard question is we don’t want a nation of Einstein brainiacs. That would not function. But NEITHER do we want to remain in the state we are today where these exceptional people rarely reproduce.  Part of this is that our labor rewards – our salaries – are often so sick and misguided. Engineers  and scientists earn not so much compared to sports players. The government buys trillion dollar stadiums and gives sports teams huge tax breaks, but not scientists.  It’s utterly wrong.

So, dysgenic policy is not evil, it is not wrong, and it can strengthen and fix society. Never before have we had to manage a mixed race nation. It works in few populations like a nearly impossible balancing act.  But government can put pressure on its population to ensure that its best brightest hardest working people get strong incentives to reproduce until artificial wombs are created.  We might even offer the option of raising the children as well in government centers. We might bifurcate the children’s education from the general public and give them advanced systems.

One thing to keep in mind is that these programs can reduce the debt and switch us to a surplus nation, because the costs of dysgenic people is so high on society. And the time involved can be as low as two generations before a large impact is seen.  In forty years society may see a massive turn around in productivity and creation. We don’t have to go as slow as nature.

Another issue which is key to face is to stop the divorce rape which has now gotten so bad that men simply aren’t getting married anymore.  We need radical and massive reform for these family courts which overwhelmingly award mens current and future earnings as well as child custody to women.  Perhaps we need a second marriage contract which states that alimony and child support will NEVER be granted and all that can happen is for estates to be divided unless there are pre-agreements and that all child custody will be 50/50.  If people want to go into the death marriage of old they can still do so, be we need a new marriage contract that doesn’t financially rape men to the point that we throw them in jails for failing to pay or that they just kill themselves. Its a horror and it has to stop now.

So one has to ask, is it wrong to meddle? Well the issue is we are meddling already there is no way a government doesn’t and unfortunately right now the way we are putting pressure on our people utterly discourages our best and brightest from reproducing and instead the worst in our society are popping out babies endlessly. this simply cannot continue. It has to end. Or we will end. Our society will collapse and get invaded and that will be that.