A botched robbery, a black man with wolly hair, a pair of shoes shoved up a shirt, a knife comes out.

Suddenly two shoppers are stabbed as they try to stop the shoplifter. It’s just another city that has fallen.


Abdirahaman sneaked into a men’s fitting room at the Minnesota mall and tried to swipe something from a customer’s belongings while the man was outside the fitting room modeling clothes for his family. But he caught Abdirahaman in the act, and the would-be thief pulled a knife and stabbed him, authorities said.

Hearing the victim’s screams, his family rushed to his aid, but Abdirahaman slashed a second person before they could wrest the knife from him.

The scuffle and ensuing response by police freaked out nearby shoppers waiting in line for their kids to see Santa.

Witnesses also reported seeing Abdirahaman acting strangely before the attack.