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Kaepernick was told his father was black. Do we know? Is he just a white guy with a bad fro? Dumped by his mom and raised by a white family, he was instilled with all white values, yet, because of his belief that he was black, he ran as hard as he could to the other side to “Niggruh Up”

Part of that is taking part in the ridiculous taking a knee during the national anthem and also supporting the cop killer groups.

Kaepernick should be a distressing horror, an emblem of FAILURE, of losing it all because he was a douche bag with race issues. Instead, the SJWs prop him up as some kind of champion.

He is nothing to be aspired to. He is revolting, a sign of the failure and cuckholdery of the Europanic race.  This piece of shit, given absolutely EVERYTHING in life, a great family, a ridiculous overpaid job, wealth and fame, claimed he was “oppressed” because Niggruh.  and he probably isn’t even black I mean do we have a picture of his father? Well it doesn’t matter, if we accept that he is indeed half black then this should be a warning of the psychosis such a state induces, that a utterly spoiled piece of shit could still feel oppressed. It’s madness.