11/14/2017 PNN  Patriot News Network

Responding to Sen Jordan who laid out the case for a special counsel, Sessions in a SHOCKING statement responded that there was “Not Enough Basis For A Special Counsel”

This is beyond belief. If there is not enough basis in the Hillary/Obama investigation, how can there possibly be enough basis for the Muellor investigation when there is not a single shred of evidence of Russian collusion? This is corruption in DC at the worst level.

Conyers started out WHINING that he had sent 40 requests for information to Trump about his “Russian Collusion”.  Horrific! Where is the evidence of russian collusion to justify the special consel? None. There is nothing!

Some of Sessions Statement:

“A critical role for strengthening and mainting the rule of law… in this rule of law we are blessed beyond all nations … we have worked to be faithful to that mission”

“Such ideals transcend politics”

He went on to talk about his crime reduction mandate from Trump, a 23% increase in gun prosecutions.

“More than 150 officers assaulted every single day.. The president has directed us to back our men and women in blue.”

“We prohibited 3rd party settlements that were being used to bankroll special interest groups”

He said he has worked to resolve the status of tax exempt groups whose processing was delayed by the Obozo administration.

Stopped the incorrect appropriation to fund Obozocare, a violation of congress being the sole appropriator of funds.

Stopped the policy of work permits for DACA – “We withdrew that unlawful policy”

Fought against voter identification laws (wait WTF! this is terrible!)

(on Popadopolous and carter page meetings) “I have no recollection of these until these news reports… no clear recollection of the details of what he said at these meetings. He was NOT authorized to represent the campaign with the Russian Government. I would gladly have reported it if I remembered it.  … I have no memory of his (page) at the capital hill club.

“I do not accept and reject accusations that I have ever lied… I spent 15 years in that department I love that department I honor that department and I will do my dead best to be worth as your attorney general”

He was asked about increased gun prosecutions for those illegally obtaining firearms. Sessions said it was important to reduce crime.

Asked about the Clinton and Lynch investigations Sessions responded…

“yes you can mr. chairman and you can be assured that they will be done without political influence and that they will be done correctly”

On unmasked names….

“(it is a violation of) release of classified information.. a core policy of this govt to protect such matters from disclosure… we have had 9 investigations of classified leaks and 27 open today.. it has reached epidemic proportions it cannot be allowed to continue”

on prosecutino of illegal immigration … harboring aliens… illegal reentry

“I believe there has been some increase in those cases… we have seen a reduction in attempts to enter the country illegaly”

will you continue to work in good faith to identify responsible reforms? “I certainly will”

Sen Conyers begins to question sessions… vomit bag ready… sigh

Conyers began by bringing up Trumps statements on “Crooked Hillary” and why Justice dept isn’t looking into it. … rigging the primaries. “When richard nixon spoke about us that way at least he had the courtesy to do it behind closed doors.”

“Is it common for the president to order the justice dept to retaliate against his political opponents”  “it would be wrong (sessions)” “I interpret that as no”(conyers)

“Should the president of the united states make public comments that might influence pending investigations” “he should take great care in those issues (sessions)”


“Are you recused from investigations that involve secretary Clinton” “I cannot answer that”

Sen Sessenbrenner’s Question:

should section 702 (FISA) be reauthorized?

He makes case that it is being used for domestic spying.