“Wes keep tryin but deys keeps killin”

The major of Baltimore was dejected as several police officers and now a detective are all dead, murdered by the rising tide of blacks in Baltimore.

Mayor Catherine Pugh says every time there’s a shooting or murder, her phone rings, and it couldn’t be more disturbing.

Pugh says they’re moving the hiring process along as fast as they can with officers but the City might not feel the impact until next year.

The department said once officers make it through the academy, they are immediately deployed to foot patrol in various communities, including the Inner Harbor.

“Anyone who thinks that I don’t take this seriously or it’s not something alarming to me, this is the most important thing we can do in this city and that’s to reduce the violence,” Pugh said.


Pugh fired back at critics Wednesday who question her leadership as Baltimore is closing in on one of it’s deadliest times ever, hitting 300 plus murders for the third year in a row.

“I am deeply disturbed about the violence and this is the number one priority of the City,” she said.

Vicious, random attacks like Sebastain Dvorak, who was killed in Canton after a night out with friends, to Kia Martin’s daughter, who was beat down at the Inner Harbor.

“They just don’t understand the pain, terror and hurt that they cause,” said Martin.

But social welfare policies which grow the black welfare population and encourage well fad gang bangers to breed and have 8 or more chillin’ you have to ask just what do they expect?

Image result for baltimore growth of black population


So let’s look at how this started. Blacks started out as a mere 7,500 slaves in Baltimore out of a population of 200,000 people. By 1860 their numbers had grown to 35,000 but still they were a small percentage of the cities population.

By 1930, Blacks had reached 20% of the cities population. Still not enough to take over the city and descend it into black chaos. But that would quickly change. By 1970 blacks grew to dominate the city with more than 50% of the population, driven largely by white flight from crime. As the whites left, blacks became an even large percentage of the population until the whole city was filled with gang bangers and degenerates, welfare housing exploded, and crack and drugs abounded.

Whites protected their core of the city but by 2005 even the inner harbor was besieged by gangs of roving blacks causing mayhem, declaring the inner harbor theirs. Whites now had no where to be safe.

Finally we reach 2017 where even the police are not safe and are being murdered. This pattern of welfare programs feeding the blacks growing their population with abandon with zero consequences for having large litters ends up in a predictable state, an utterly horrific city of crime, murder, and horror.