They’re Dumb. They’re Dumb. No Really Dumb. Theyre POUFFY.  Why they look so odd I don’t know. Are they castrated? What is happening to our men?

The absolute revolsive horror that this castralto couple has 12 million subscribers on youtube makes me wonder is the audience hoardes of “new women” who clap at how castrated and safe these men look? and act?  This goes past metrosexual.  This is well greased  hair and other parts.

And most of MSNBC and CNN men look the same. What the hell is happening in america!

Notice the standard dork glasses (which women wear the same as well). The guy with the beard is missing the plaid overshirt, and t-shirt. But are those puffy clouds on his shirt? Jesus tits.

After three vomits in the trashcan, well… I just had to share the horror.

It’s fine if they are simply GAY and want to celebrate being gay. But the fear is that more and more, this is what passes for masculinity in our left coast cities.