At 330 million people and on track to grow from immigration both legal and illegal to 500 million by 2050, one has to ask, hey guys what’s the plan here?

Already we see huge water shortages, places like Lake Mead seem to be nearly empty. And all those cries of “drought” in California, well it ain’t drought its too many people!

We don’t notice food shortages but we have NUTRITION shortages as our factory farmed mega business produces heaps of crappy food. first they kill all the bacteria and fungus in the soil, then they plant, then they poison it all with glyphosate, which gets soaked up into the plants then they feed it to us. A completely EMPTY product which seems like the real thing.

We have to ask aren’t our highways crowded enough our housing expensive enough? What is the plan for america?

Sadly there is no plan. Other than corporate rape and theft of everything.

Racially we grow our dysgenic races and produce rape and murder towns like detroit, baltimore, chicago.  and every year we have to add more cities to the list. How long before every city is on the list?

We are on a path to utter destruction and doom. and  its 20 years away. Think you will have your social security retirement? Paid for by whom? The productive classes, overworked in cube slave farms is too tired and repressed to reproduce. We are growing only dysgenic classes of replacements who go on disability or spend their days in prisons, murdering, and raping. they will not pad our social security.

Millenials, horrified by the divorce rape courts which make men slave providers for their sick degenerate wife who has shacked up with toby.  Who wants that deal. So they just stop.

We are on a path to doom and no one is even talking about it. Why can’t we balance the budget? We are off 1 Trillion dollars a year? A productive race of people does not have a deficit. It’s because so many are not working, so many single moms with children especially dysgenic races feeding on the system like so many fish on a piece of bread.

It is a snowball rolling down hill and getting ever bigger. A path to doom. Shouldn’t our nation have goals that make the lives of its people better?

We are running without any goals. How about a goal to make us efficient, to cancel the deficit, to have well funded retirement plans, to have a positive inventing society. Nope, the government policies today do exactly the opposite.

We are a dysgenic nation, flying headlong into dysgenic hell.