The lie tax bill goes into committee this week with expectation to hit the senate floor by wednesday.

What a massive fraud.

We found 700 BILLION dollars for Tarp handouts. Goldman Sacks declared themselves a bank just so they could get in on the rape. They got 30 billion dollars, which they deposited at the fed window, and got a healthy 300 million dollars in free money a year.

There was no talk about deficits then. Nope.

When all the banker bailouts were totalled up it came to a whipping 23 trillion. egads!

But give the middle class a second cup of gruel and all hell breaks loose.

What needs to change:

1) The pass through rate for small business needs to be the same as for big business as a a matter of principal, and where there is zero tax it needs to stay zero. Like an S-Corp.

2) The tax rates for the middle class need to come down MORE. Otherwise taxes go UP for many

3) State Taxes and Property taxes should be deductible, each with a 15k cap. That covers most of the middle class

4) No sunset provision! If we are going to suffer to get a tax cut through it needs to be permanent

5) add the Obamacare mandate repeal.


Finally, we need to increase revenues with a financial transaction tax of  0.01% on every last financial transaction – stock and derivitive purchases and sales. This will bring in the 200 billion a year to cover the tax cuts.

Do they have the guts ? Heck no. They are all snagglepuss whiney snot nosed children!  Mitch McConnell is the most wimpy cucked cock-less beast ever to walk into that chamber!

Don’t expect success on a crappy bill and certainly don’t expect a great on.