The missile launch was dictator Kim Jong-Un's first such provocation since September 15

North Korea launched a payload-less ICBM missile into the gulf of Japan.

“He can strike anywhere in the USA” screemed Mattis “Give us MORE billions for defense”

Well no, he can’t. First of all was there any payload on the missile? We don’t know. Let’s say there is NOT.  To develop a missile that can launch a heavy nuclear bomb is a very different thing.

Also, what about accuracy? what if he is only accurate to 100 miles? Could he even hit a giant city like Tokyo? Seoul? Maybe but maybe not.

He was already given billions by the prior administrator. And tons of food. There is no negotiation with him.

The long and short of it is, it’s time to abandon Seoul. Relocate the city to the south.  Evacuate everyone. Yeah it might take two years to complete the huge project. Because the city is NOT defensible that close to the artillary lines.

Do we have the capability to shoot down a ICBM or not? Maybe we don’t .  How can we possibly NOT be shooting down such missiles?

So what is the reciprocity to Un’s actions? Nothing? Nothing? Hmm.