A video of an Indiana teen with Down syndrome opening her college acceptance letter is warming the hearts of thousands across the country after it went viral on Facebook.
Mickey Deputy had no idea what to expect when she first opened the envelope from INSPIRE Franklin College.
‘Dear Miss Michaela Deputy,’ she begins to read. ‘I am pleased to congratulate you on your…’

So many ridiculous colleges exist so that all dumb americans can go to college, its really no big deal that they accept anyone even someone with down’s syndrome.

Students with intellectual disabilities have found a home at Franklin College through theINSPIRE program. With the partnership of the college and the Special Services of Johnson County and Surrounding Schools (SSJCSS), Individual Needs in Special Places to Increase Relevant Work Experience …

Well we wish Miss Deputy good luck on her dreams. It will no doubt be an interesting experience, maybe something like “I got an A Also”

Everyone gets an A in the new American education system.  But resources for advanced students are wasted trying to train our low IQ students by the tens of billions a year.  This is the communist way should we be so surprised?

In truth, this is a special program for special needs students. God bless them. But really, most of these second tier collegs are for the mentally challenged regardless.