According to one of the medium projections for 2050, 16.7 per cent of the UK population will be Muslim

With each Muslim family having on average 8 kids, and those having 8 kids, thats a 64X population increase in just two generations.

It is interesting to see that the eastern european nations will have avoided this pitfall while countries like Spain and France seems most doomed.

It is a perfect invasion strategy – go on welfare and do nothing but have children. Use the host nations kindness against them. And then for sport go out and rape the native women.  It’s a Win-Win!

Oh you can’t persecute us, we have freedom of RELIGION they moan and decry. What do you think the chritians will get once its a majority Muslim nation? Most will get beheaded, the women will get enslaved, and a few will be allowed to work for the muslims and pay the Dhimmi tax. Freedom of Religion indeed!

There is one good result – the Fall of Europe is making Americans more resolved to refuse Muslim invaders.