“Our focus is on helping the folks who work in the mail rooms and the machine shops of America,” Trump said during a speech Wednesday in St. Charles, Mo. “The plumbers. The carpenters. The cops. The teachers. The truck drivers . . . The people that like me best.”

So says the butt fucker in chief.

The tax screw job achieves one thing. It removes the inheritance tax and AMT, two thorns in the side for Trump’s children.

It lowers taxes on business so they can buy more yachts and gold toilets.

It does nothing for the middle class. It is a lie. A screw job. Like the H-1B genocide visa against our engineers, Trump promises and blusters, but does nothing.

It’s not his fault. He is old and stupid. He doesn’t realize the rape the Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan screw job. 23 T for rich bankers. Nothing for the middle class cause “we have to balance the budget”

All of the wealth of america was handed over to the bankers. The middle class is dying. Its already dead. Can anyone do anything?

John McCain is now in support of the bill. Scary. That itself should be a warning sign.

This is a one sided handoff to big business and they know it. Another screw job to the middle class, the worst screwed will be single men and those in NY and California. We can live with those in NY and California paying more in taxes as their illegal alien policies are devastating to the nation. But single men should not have to pay MORE in taxes.

Why not demand a 5% cut in spending across the board, every department, as part of the budget deal? And do that every year until we meet parity in the budget. Why not? Well because that’s common sense! Nope, just increase the deficit endlessly, yet somehow when its the middle class getting screwed the deficit matters. Screw you McCain.