Migrants arrive at the Trapani harbor in Italy in November 2017.

“3000 is not enough!” said one black man. “I need 10,000 to buy pigs and a farm” said another. Still another group had set their price “20,000 euros, not one penny less”


What were they selling? Their price to leave Germany. With welfare costs well over 20,000 euros for each migrant and housing centers full up, Germany is in a desperate situation.

“40,000 and thirty chickens” screamed a toothless black man.  The beatings will continue until morale increases.

Helmie Wiesler said “This is actually well worth it, we pay almost 40,000 euros on each migrant in the first year alone”

Does Germany have another billion dollars to pay to remove migrants? What if they just keep coming back in on one crazy money making circle? Will the payola just make even MORE want to try this scam.

And the most important question – Can I do this as an American?