The comic giant posted a video announcement on Marvel HQ’s YouTube page that stated “there is a character for every kind of Marvel fan out there,” said Sana Amanat, director of content & character development at the company.

This series, titled “Marvel Rising,” will be rolled out in six, four-minute digital shorts, and a film, “Marvel Rising: Secret Warrior” is set for a release later in 2018.

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Damon Washington is the voice of “Da Pimp” a ghetto warrior with magic abilities.


The lesbian community is represented by super strong butch dyke “The Nag”


And the mexican community will fall in love with the new 400 pound cannonball whose power is to bowl over the enemies while eating chalupas – El Flaco (the thin one)

Image result for fat mexican superheroes

Image result for fat mexican superheroes

And best for last, presenting Somnambulo, the super hero who would be more effective if he didn’t spend most of his day sleeping and slacking off rather than working. He outwits his villians by taking a siesta for so long they forget they are even fighting him!

Image result for fat mexican superheroes