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Terrible prejudice from the Gynocracy that it’s just fine to mutilate male genitals on infants against their will and its “no big deal” especially compared to female mutilation. Well that’s an utter falsehood. Listen to some of the rubbish from readers on recent article comments (see :

Tyfereth, however, strongly opposes the idea of comparing male circumcision and FGM:

Male circumcision does no harm. FGM does. Male circumcision cuts the foreskin, FGM cuts the clitoris—the two things cut are not even remotely the same. For male circumcision to be equivalent to FGM, the entire tip of the male’s penis would need to be cut off.

Jim Eubanks also cries “false equivalency”:

You can stand against both practices, but constantly trying to claim they are equivalent practices when they are not takes away from the unique seriousness of female “circumcision/mutilation,” as most cases are performed during a traumatic developmental period and remove most sexual sensation, which is not true with male circumcision.

These are utterly ridiculous and absolutely FALSE.

When you cut the prepuce off you MUST cut into the FRENUM, the male clitoris area. Also, without a foreskin, there is no “tug” against the FRENUM, which effectively neuters the penis in terms of being able to receive pleasure. It is functionally equivilent to removing the female clitoris.

Arguing they are not remotely the same is a flat idiotic lie. The Foreskin contains two thirds of the nerve endings in the penis. It is a highly sensate area just like the clitoris. So how can you argue they are not remotely the same. Both are critical to achieving orgasm during sex.  As for the equivilence being to cut off the tip of the penis, no, what would be the same as that would be to take a 3′ wide power awl and drill out the vagina.

They go on to argue that FGM is performed during a traumatic development period and “removes most sexual sensation which is not true with male circumism” FEMINIST LIES! GODDAMN LIES! This is EXACTLY WHAT MALE CIRCUMCISM IS. They are so elephantine stupid that their argument against is actually EXACTLY THE TRUTH.  Strapped to a board without anesthetic at just a few days old is NOT a critical development period? It doesn’t remove most sexual sensation? To hell it doesn’t!

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Men have become dumb feed mules worked to death in cube slave farms. Mutilating their genitals and then acting like it’s “no big deal” is an absolute goading laugh by sick fat belligerrant feminists hell bent on minimizing males in society.

All genital mutilation is wrong. These sad sick violent dark creatures that argue that ho hum it’s just fine to mutilate males BUT DONT YOU DARE TOUCH FEMALES are just sick minded horrors.

It’s time to end the practice in the United States of mutilating the genitals of men against their will. It’s sick, it’s emotionally and psychologically scarring as well as physically traumatic and dangerous.  No civilized nation can support this sick practice. But the Jews run america so they insist that their practice will NOT BE TOUCHED. In the recent San Francisco law against it the full fury of the Jews laid waste against it.  You are a slave neo, you don’t even deserve the right to your own genitals. It’s a goddamn sick horror and it needs to end.