I’m eating some broccoli it has no taste. I made scrambled eggs. They taste like bird poop. My FIVE DOLLAR a half gallon milk still tastes good because it’s organic, but the demand outstrips supply and it’s often sold out. I look at the six dollar a dozen eggs for vital farms free range eggs after having learned about cage free actually being large sheds where birds live in the dark their whole lives. can’t afford it. So I buy the poop eggs.

Some foods naturally keep well. Acorn and Butternut Squash can last all winter. Same goes for Sweet potatoes if they are properly prepared to age but they are not. they sprout and go bad in a few weeks. But at least that means they aren’t sprayed with anti-budding compound poison like the regular potatoes.

I reach for the organic spinach. sometimes it’s quite meager and ratty looking because nothing grows well in Texas. But this week it’s lush. That one bunch of spinach will provide my vitamins for the month.

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I get enough food for 2 or 3 meals and some snacks, milk, eggs. My bill is over 100 dollars and thats half a week of food not even. That puts my food costs at nearly 300 a week for one person. Unsustainable. I try to switch to pasta and make sure the wheat is from italy, American wheat is covered in glysophate and makes me sick as a dog.

What has gone wrong with America? Big agra, big government handouts to make massive quantities of bulk starches and nothing that adds good vitamins to the mix. We need to begin more city farms and microgreens (can be grown anywhere) and fresh living vegetables with fresh vitamins. Then we won’t be hungry all the time like we are on our pure starch diets. And starch is unappealing without fat. You can eat a banana alone, but try eating a potato without butter its tough. So our diet is pizza. carbs covered in fat. Throw in meat that is from disgusting horrible places. The only meat I still eat is italian prosciutto. The ingredients are pig leg and salt. And fine tuscan breezes for a year.  They make American proscuitto with pigs that are fed crap so it tastes terrible, then they add potassium nitrate to prevent botulism because they are unsanitary. Yuk no thanks. There is Applegate and Volpi prosciutto (canadian and american) which are not bad but not great.  Prosciutto is $25 a pound. I reached for some riccotta insalata cheese it was $15 a pound. Can’t afford that. I try to buy Locatelli for my pasta. It’s $20 a pound. Wait a second thats the CHEAPER cheese this isn’t Reggiano Parmesan! it used to be six dollars a pound. Stores are gouging the prices. raping us on cheese.  I guess if it aint Kraft plastic packs (or worse store brand congealed milk sludge) its a “rich persons food” and gouging is acceptable.

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In europe I’d get some Barolo wine, not a great one, for five dollars a bottle.  I could get a big hunk of brie for two dollars  (ten dollars in the US even though we produce our own brie) and a big box of amazing muesli for about four dollars (its 20 dollars for a similar amount of Cafe Fanny, the only american granola I found decent.)

They don’t sell organic chickens in my local grocery and the regular ones look sickly. so I opt to get a duck. Its TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS. And I have to cook it myself. What the hell! I’m going to move to some place with a good watershed and hunt ducks all day that’s ridiculous! Without hunting there’s basically no way to afford real food. Yes there is “Whole Fools” but after leaving there with my same food for half a week and getting a $300 bill, no thanks. The $22.00 quart of lemonaide I drank while walking the isles was the last straw. “This is 22 dollars! I’m not spending 22 bucks on a quart of lemonaide” “But it’s made with real lemons.”

No, American is a food wasteland.  Get me out of here as soon as possible. yah, the beef is tough in central america because they slaughter their milk cow jersey’s and don’t raise Angus, but I’m willing to let that go for plates after plates of real food.

Americans are nutritionally STARVING. IT isn’t these people’s fault they are fat.

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