Omarosa was FiRED from the Trump white house. One has to ask, what the heck was her job? Apparently she was constantly making trouble and told Kelly “I don’t have to listen to you”

Omarosa was a token black hire. She was there to be the black in the administration. But what was her job? Don’t forget that we have the good Dr. running HUD so there is already strong black representation in the white house.

In her final crazy act she brought her wedding party into the white house without permission. After she was let go she tried to enter the white house and was carried off by the secret service screaming the whole way out “You can’t treat me like a house Nigah”

Hiring Oma-Negro was a huge mistake for Trump. She has no skills no ability and was give no TASK to accomplish. What a joke. Hope she spends her $180,000 salary on some nice shoes.

Omarosa was a uppitity entitled spoiled black biatch. Good riddance.